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  1. Hi,
    My husband works in PA and his married girlfriend works in NJ. They have been having an affair since 4-05 and I want them both fired. Does anyone know the rules and regs. as to this subject. If it is legal can UPS Mgmt. get married? Please help. Wife scorned
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    What's his name? I might know him.
  3. Working4TheBene's

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    Sorry for your situation. I'm not sure, but there are only ambiguous rules concerning relatives... unfortunately (or fortunately) that relationship isn't considered a "relative" issue.
  4. whomever

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    Why would you want him fired?
    Less child support or alimony for you if you do that!
  5. dave_socal

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    Well if getting half of everything is not enough and revenge is required write a formal letter to UPS corporate documenting your accusations and tell them what action you would like. I'm certian there is a morals clause written in their contracts somewhere ask about it. Then(if any of these apply) work out/ lose wieght grow your hair long again and stop being a bitch and line up the next victim. And get over it!
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    Go to his building and stand outside the entrance with a big sign with both their names on it.
  7. Stop being a bitch. I was with this ******* and him alone since I was 15. I am very slender and I do have long hair and I am beautiful, that's not the point. I guess you f'd on your wife if that's your attitude. His ass got clean clothes and a clean house and a meal on the table every night, and {deleted by moderator} while eating my home cooked meal. So {deleted by moderator}
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    T.M.I. Too Much Information
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    You gotta be careful about that "getting fired" business......there goes your future dividends. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.
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    I wrote "if these apply" You sound like a good woman. Hey... "how yooou doing?"/ I know this is wrong thread but MAN LAW #8 If Man of house doesn't live there anymore stop by to comfort hot milf with delivery.:wink:
  11. I wont get dividends anymore. He has to cash out half of his stock and I have to take the money.
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    I have a novel idea......

    Try being everything that other woman is. Surprise him in some sheer (use your imagination) apparel and a glass of wine when he comes home. Most of a good listener instead of staring at the boob tube (TV or Internet) and ignoring him.

    He needs a woman/wife not a sister/mother.....which combination are you?

    What your husband wants doesn't cost anything. Put some thought into that and let us know what you come up with.............
  13. he is already gone. He is staying with his cheater. He don't drink wine anyway and he is the one that stairs at the boob tube.
  14. What's your name I might know you. You tell me you name and I will tell you his name and her name
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    Why are you still married to him?:confused:1
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    "he is already gone."

    Best thing that ever happened to you. You're beautiful, forget the loser and move on. Change is good.
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    I think the best revenge for you is that you and I hook up and let the bastard see what he is missing out on!!! I think it's time I got to screw over a manager while all along you will be getting your revenge!! What building is he at? Can you at least say that?
  18. ozzey

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    1. get a good lawyer. 2. have him help write a letter to ups in atlanta. 3. dont give him the time of day. 4. make a plan for your future.5. be happy that you are lucky enough to have a second chance to find a decent person to trust in your life. i was crushed when my wife left me . now i am soooo damn happy because i found a lady who is my true love.. moral of the story.. your better off. goood luck p.s. revenge is best served up cold....your happiness is the best revenge ... so be happy!!!!!:):):):):):):)
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    Just do what you can legally do and move on. He'll get his eventually.
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    don't go after his job depending on how long you've been married you stand to gain more by getting half his pension, alimony , and half his stock plus you can fight it to keep the insurance if you need it