My first accident


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I tell the guys that crack a mirror to just write it up on DVIR and forget to tell management. Mechanics will replace the mirror and nothing else will be said.

Not here.

Mechanics need approval from their supervisor, who in turn verifies it with

the center manager before any damage is repaired.

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For :censored2:s sake, we are union. Do not be a pusillanimous and not report your accident, put your big boy pants on and do what’s right.

I’ve seen many people walked out and fired over what could of just been a warning letter and ride along. They usually get their jobs back but why risk termination over this?


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Nope. My super was assisting me when it happened. I apologized and explained it was an accident. He said he knew, no big deal. Five minutes later told me to hand over any company property as I was fired effective immediately.
doesnt make sense. you should get your job back . were you on probation?