My first accident

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    I feel ya. Back when I was with Express, I hit a few things myself. I learned to slow down, focus on the important things.

    But UPS is like trying to navigate a mine field. Work safely, you're over time. Follow methods, you're being too literal. They can nag you like a mother here, but these checks though. It's all the flavor of the month here, currently cradle usage. Whatever, work with safety in mind first, their numbers and metrics will never be satisfied.
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    Yeah. Up until the time I retired and even afterward. I'd ask that manager "You got my jacket yet?" He finally called me after I retired and gave me a phone number to call. Not sure which department it was, but they told me I'd have to pay for it. I even offered to trade them head up with my yellow jacket.
  3. Raw

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    3 accidents in a year is a termination.
  4. scratch

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    Normally it is. My first route was an industrial park and I was driving a straight truck. I was delivering and picking up a thousand pieces a day. It was a bid route that I won straight off the Midnight Sort I was working. They went through several drivers over a short period of time before I started. My accidents were minor and the Center Manager decided to keep me. I started driving in '84 and almost all of my accidents were in the first few years, most of them were minor and involved poor weather conditions. Tire ruts in yards and a few side mirrors. I finally learned to calm down and take it easy.
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    I just hit the Circle this week and they gave me the choice.


    I chose the Bomber. I may or may not cut the sleeves off...
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  6. Looks good on you
  7. oldngray

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    The camel hair looked better still on the camel
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  8. DriverNerd

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    My building has way too many circle of honor drivers to make that work.
  9. iruhnman630

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    You will be the worst person at UPS until the next person crashes.
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  10. Indecisi0n

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    Shouldn't take too long the way these guys run .
  11. scooby0048

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    First, congrats!

    Second, Where THE F* are you ever going to wear that ugly assed sport coat? Even at a costume party, that coat would never go. Who comes up with this S*.
  12. Indecisi0n

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    I'd burn it .
  13. burrheadd

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    He could go as a Century 21 real estate salesman for Halloween
  14. scooby0048

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    With a stupid ass UPS 25 on his lapel? Dracula would be a better outfit.
  15. under the radar

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    33 years safe driving here. All in packages. Before I took the cotton out of my ears and put it in my mouth I had a string of accidents, including two tier three's. I decided that my way wasn't working.

    It's O.K. to have a healthy fear of repeating. Develop good habits so they become a reflex. Do what they tell you. If it takes you longer, you make more money. Take one day at a time and the years will pile up before you know it.
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  16. Wally

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    Anyone can hit a stationary object. It happens...

  17. Well after getting clowned after pcm by fellow drivers and there disbelief of how i hit this carport. I had an easy eight hour day with a sup and im just going take my warning letter that im sure is coming in the mail and leave this behind me. Sup told me i had so much space a tractor trailer could've turned around in there.
  18. newbie777

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    The top of my truck scraped a tree trunk coming protruding out from the curb on the 4th day of my 30 day probation. I reported it and was told to finish my deliveries on time , business etc.. I was told to keep my mouth shut, learn from my mistake and report back to work on Monday. I was following my methods all day and was getting my rhythm right around the time it happened. My supervisor is one of the nicest people but also one of the best driving and very technical. I’m sharing my experience , but also I’m a little worried of what to expect Monday. I know they will be watching me more which is expected. Anyone have a similar experience?
  19. Air Recovery

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    If they were pissed they wouldnt have told you that