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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brown666, May 30, 2002.

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    The strike vote, in the local for my area(CO-WY), was 67% YES and 33% NO. This is a valid stock count of members who did vote.It is well below the 93% released by the IBT, but still is a powerful endorsement for a strike if needed.We are a long way from a contract at this time!!
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    How do you get this information?
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    My local is Colorado and Wyoming, excluding metro Denver. I am a shop steward in this local.Any local should be able to produce their certified stock vote counts.
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    Brown666 you are using the same misleading tactics as the teamster leadership -- giving us the % of those who voted, not the % of the total members. What was THAT number???
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    That number was 70-75% of the membership in the local.No vote cast, means neither a YES or a NO.Think about it?

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    Brown...tell us how many people are eligible to vote in your local and how many actually voted. We don't want percentages because they are misleading. Participation numbers tell the true story. The strike vote is a sham and something the Teamsters use to draw media attention. We don't need that. It drives customers away and we lose union jobs.

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    Did George Bush win the election for President? Same thing with the strike vote!!Did every US voter cast a ballot for president?Same thing with the strike vote! Get the big picture? It does not matter how many voted, the results are the same.
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    Yes, George Bush won the election. Did everybody vote in that election? Probably not. Did every person in the United States know exactly how many votes were cast? Yes....he didn't win by percentages! There were also published reports on voter participation in all the media I read. The American people knew what the vote count was, knew how many people voted, and knew how many people didn't vote. This is the big picture!

    Brown - I appreciate your analogy, but you, like the Teamsters, still evade the question of how many Teamsters voted.
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    There are still people who haven't gotten over the 2000 election. Bush won the re-re-re-re-recount every time. The founders also set up the Electoral College to prevent possible tyranny of the majority. Our country is a republic, not an unlimited democracy, which is mob rule.

    It would be nice to see some hard data on the strike-authorization vote. To date, I haven't seen any. With the advent of the Internet, this data should have been posted online by the IBT, especially after being able to view the recent IBT election results. The table for the results should show the total number of eligible voters, followed by a breakdown of the number of actual voters who voted for or against. It would also be nice to see the method used to conduct the election.
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    To brown666: You will have to forgive me if someone has already asked you this, but why did you use 666 (the mark of the beast) as part of your username? The person bearing the symbol 666 is supposedly going to bring chaos to the world. Are you admitting that you are trying to bring chaos to the teamsters contract negotiations? Judging by your postings, that seems to be your goal.

    I'm in Business Development (a supervisor position), so I'm not anywhere near as familiar with the IBT contract as most writers at this site are. But, I can tell you that chaos is the last thing that ANYONE at UPS should want during these negotiations. In 1997, our most loyal shippers were hurt the worst because their packages were totally locked up. Today, UPS shippers have options from FedEx, and even Airborne Express, that didn't exist in '97. Right now, FX and Airborne sales reps are knocking on the doors of almost every mid-to-large UPS shipper, and they're being let in because those shippers remember getting burned 5 years ago. And, FX & Airborne reps are coming in loaded with deep discounts to show that they will do the job for less. They're persuasive, and they are winning away some of our customers. These are the facts. I didn't hear this stuff from a PCM, I'm living it as I deal with our accounts and I have to scramble to keep them.

    Trust me. Both sides need a contract that is fair, and UPS packages need to keep flowing smoothly. If there is a strike this year, our customers will not forgive us, but they will forget us... and switch to FX or someone else. It really will be the end of UPS as we know it. Is that what you want 666?
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    Brown: Here is a post from a UPS Teamster from another board about what happened the day of the strike vote at his local:

    "I was shocked when I pulled into the parking 20 minutes before the meeting was to start and the only other cars there were the union officials."

    This says it all......
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    You got it right. The militants sole purpose is to create chaos and disrupt because they are agitators for something, anything. Their arsenal consists of half-truths, non-sequiturs and outright lies. A true black-hat professional knows how to use spin, which consists of changing the subject, confusing the issue and attacking the critic. Ethics be damned.

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    I have worked at UPS during two strikes. There wasn't any improvement from the initial contract offer to the contract accepted. The problem with this picture is taking a peer pressure strike vote before you ever see a contract offer.
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    John, where was the second strike that you went through. UPS has only had one National labor strike, excluding wkmac's lunch hour extensions. Just curious if you are in the Northeast.
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    I have no intention of producing chaos, UPS has plenty of chaos already! I just want the view of the strike vote from the rank and file. If you read the first post of this thread, my post was pretty basic. I am not concerned, either way, about a strike at UPS.I could care less about post from other UPS related message boards.It goes without saying, this contract needs to be ready to ratify in less than thirty days or all hell will break loose!!I could have been brown,fill in the blank! It really does not matter.Any questions?
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    Brown666, I'm certainly glad for you, not being concerned either way about a strike. I am very concerned, and so are my customers, my drivers, their families, and anyone else involved with UPS who depends on a steady income to pay the bills. I'm terrified that when our smaller customers have to switch to fedx or airborne and get stuck in a year-long contract with them they will lose business when the other carriers let them down because they are too bogged down with all our volume. I won't lose my job unless the center actually closes, but I know 7 drivers who haven't worked in three weeks because of lost volume who are VERY concerned. The only hell that's going to break loose will be the hiring frenzy at Fed Ex when our drivers have to beg them for Pre Load positions at $7.00 an hour. An agreement needs to be reached NOW if we are to ever pull out of this. I'm proud to be part of UPS, and I will not take the "Us VS Them" attitude. Brown fails, we all fail.
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    spidey said "...I know 7 drivers who haven't worked in three weeks because of lost volume who are VERY concerned."

    I'm curious spidey, what percentage of the center total drivers is this? Also, I'm curious if this layoff volume is typical around the country?

    Does anyone else have some specifics? Are we already seeing this level of volume dropoff?
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    As a retired UPS'er, I am confident current UPS and the teamsters will reach a fair contract....they do not have a choice! Any sane person can see that being fair and honest is the only solution. I personally think it is a shame that employees feel a union is necessary to receive fair, honest treatment and wages. There are many, many companies that operate without unions, saving their employees mucho money in the way of dues. etc. UPS/Teamsters, get your priorities straight, the customer comes first! I'm tired of seeing all this bickering. JMO
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    I must say that I will feel sorrow for UPS shippers. There are some fine people who use our service everyday.For all the great support given by these shippers in 1997, my hat is off to them.I do not want to see the shippers in limbo again!!We need a fair and equitable contract NOW.
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    Those 7 drivers are about 8-10%. Granted one or two of them may have been off anyway, or code 5. The economy isn't booming.I can only speak for my center. I'm the person who adds, deletes and changes the pickups in the diads and keeps ODS communications open with my drivers. On an average day of the week (in the past month) I delete 1-3 accounts as closed and change 1-2 from daily to occasional. The only new pickups I've added in the past 6 weeks were those reactivated after suspension for non-payment or who had moved here from out of area and transfered the account. The Monday and Tuesday after CNN ran their "heads up" strike headline all weekend I closed 3 pu accounts on one route. We can easily lose a routes worth of pickups in a few days if this doesn't stop.

    These people are crying on the phone as they cancel; they love their drivers. The rates fedx is offering along with earlier deliveries, later pickups and all the other pie in the sky gobbledygook they will never be able to maintain: It's impossible for a struggling business owner to not switch. Not to mention the media has told our customers that while we may not show up next month, Fedex will. If a customer walks in with a last minute NDA and sees the local sorters in their "Whatever It Takes" T-shirts they are going to remember that when the backlit angelic FedEx man shows up the next day and tells them he can save them 30%, get them their packages by 8am and wave the daily pu account fee for a year.

    Who will you let watch your kids, the woman who charges more, fights with her husband and may pack up and leave the kids unattended? Heck! She has before. There is a brightly painted preschool opening up right down the street, and they won't just not be there one day leaving you unable to work. I'm not anti-union, I'm scared for my drivers.