New Fedex Ground Hub!!

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  1. wakyzachy

    wakyzachy I am the IRS for UPS!

    Well today I just noticed that there was a new Fedex Ground hub just about 5 minuets away from my UPS hub. Its nicley tucked away right off of the turnpike. Wow does it look nice and clean from the out side anyway. Has any one worked at or knows some one that workes at Fedex Ground? I was wondering how they treat people there? :closedeye
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I worked there while working at UPS. It was pretty cool actually. We were promoted based on performance and/or effort. Seniority was only a tie breaker. I was shifting after a month! At the time the starting rate was higher but topped out lower and there were no benefits. I heard that's all changed since I quit though. I wish I had never quit. I should have stayed there until I went full-time at UPS. I'd still be working there and would probably be there for a while longer. The main differences between a UPS hub and RPS hub is that most of theirs are automated meaning no hand sorting. The irregs are put on belts that circle around by all the PDs instead of having people drive them around on Irreg Carts or "Tranes". Smalls was rigged to where each person would scan packages and a computer would tell the sorter what bin to place the package in. So, RPS doesn't pay an extra dollar for sorting. Based on my experience there I'd say they treat people people pretty good. Now for the drivers...that might as well be a different company.
  3. SmithBarney

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    I will tell you of all of the hubs/centers I've been in
    FedEx Ground and Express are some of the cleanest
    and brightest
    I've been in. makes UPS seem like a slum.(dull drearly Orwellian)
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    All of the new UPS hubs have incompatible belts as well, and they are retrofitting some older buildings as well. Our hub is adding one by years end. And they use "bullfrogs" or tilt tray automated small sorts as well. Cache., Worldport, and other new large buildings have no sorters since the packages are voiced by unloaders and computers sort them from there. I work in a UPS facility built in 1979 and its spotless every day till the Hub pits it out. Your P.E. department is the one responsible for your building if it isn't clean or well lit. They aren't all that way by any means.
  5. browniehound

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    I really think UPS is screwed. We can't offer the best price, and now because of the service failures due to PAS we can't even offer the best service. So what are we offering? Good service at a premium with Fed-ex nipping at our heels?

    I'm sorry, the powers that be really F-up on this one. I remember being at driver orientation at the district headquaters in March of 2000 and the management class instructor opining on the recent Fed-ex buy-out of RPS as a "superiority complex on wanting to be like UPS". There my friends, is where we failed. We didn't take it seriously at the beginning and now they are eating our collective lunches. Its too late now to stop the bleeding. They have their claws in the business and there is nothing any of us can do about it.:crying:
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The colors they use in the RPS/FedGround Hubs are different, more pleasant if you will, and their hubs are all relatively new so they should all look clean.
  7. RockyRogue

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    Never been inside a FedEx Ground hub but did interview with FedEx. In terms of exterior operations, it looked a lot like UPS. The health benefits were not an option at FedEx. It was a factor in deciding to return to UPS. -Rocky
  8. Pollocknbrown

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    Well atleast you're looking on the bright side of things haha:happy-very:. Im sorry fedex has lost all business from me when they damaged a 1K computer for me and it was a pain in the ass shipping it back to the CO to get repaired and having fedex pay the claim on it.
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    TO WHAKZACHY YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ASK THAT QUESTION READ READ THE FLYRS AND LETTERS THE UNION SENDS YOU EVEN ups wants them in the union wake up if ou wnt to no who there treated ask one them when u see them.WAKE UP the question u asked sou nds like a supervisor would ask.:angry::dissapointed:
  10. rocket man

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    For:wink2: give me for my grammar in last post,
  11. Jumperwire

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    Of course it's the cleanest and brightest inside, they have nothing else going on!!!! Our building's alway's looked trashed because they are. Fed ex would love to see 1/8 of the volume that we do!!!! Be Real!!!!!
  12. MrFedEx

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    Stick with UPS, especially if you are looking for a career. FedEx Ground is even more of a dead-end than FedEx Express because you can only be an "employee" if you stay at the sort center..... everyone else at FedEx Ground is a contractor (outside of management).
    A clean facility doesn't mean's what goes on inside that counts.

  13. freeloader

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    I didn't know UPS had any "new" hubs. The district that I used to work in had the same dingy facilities since the 80's.

    Bullfrogs have been around for years and is only used in a handful of hubs. It will never be widely deployed because it is very expensive, requires alot of space and requires alot of maintenence.
  14. mikestrek

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    I talked to the Fed-Ex Ground guy on my route. He's a good guy but they have a high turn over rate. one fed-ex guy quit to work for the post office, Another quit to start his own internet business. This new fed-ex guy complains that he has to maintain his vehicle, Get a rental vehicle if his breaks down, Pay for all of his gas (each day). Can't take a day off because he has to pay a guy to cover his route. No benefits unless you buy them. and fed-ex treats them like an employee but calls them contract businessmen. After scamming all there employees Fed-ex should be making billions to build a nice new shinny center. He also says that now he has to buy a new route or fed-ex is going to get rid of him. I don't know if all of you heard about the law suit here in California, But you can't just own one route now, You have to own at least two so fed-ex can continue to call them "Contractors". Yeah, we have our problems at UPS but I'm glad i'm a TEAMSTER.
  15. DeputyDip

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    I hear this all the time. My question is, was this not explained in the beginning or was it like uh, where did you say sign??? I continue to be in the dark and missing the big picture I guess when it comes the whole "Independent Contractor" thing. I don't claim to be a rocket scientist but, you had to know at least part of what becoming an "Independent Contractor" would bring along with it.
  16. Big Babooba

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    The FedEx Ground driver in my area told me that he made $67,000 last year - before expenses. He was looking for a new line of work.