New Feeder Driver - Week 2!

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    Well, we made it to week two!
    Husband had a really bad 2<SUP>nd</SUP> day when he started the week with orientation, that day seem to put a lot of guys off (sorry, there were no women drivers). Two guys from the group behind him quit, and two guys from his group quit, and then another guy quit the following night. So, they have lost 5 trainees in just two weeks, and the Supervisors are running around trying to figure what is wrong. While husband was out having a cigarette, two seasoned drivers (25 years each), asked him, “What the H*** is going on in there?”, and the other driver said “I’ll tell you what’s going on, they are throwing way to much at them, and Management, as always, is coming off very hard a**, they are scaring the guys away! Did I hit it on the noise?” Husband just smiled and nodded yes, and said he almost became one of those that walked, but he stuck it out. The guy told him to take one day at a time, he will be fine, and shook his hand.
    He will start driving on his own this week, and he thanks God! He said his Supervisor trainee was a joke!! The guy has been driving a semi for only 5 years, and made the idiot comment as they were walking out to the truck, “You’ve seen the Supervisor, now your going to see the Truck Driver!”, like he was in for a treat or something, husband said if he could have laughed out loud, he would have, the guy was terrible!! Said, if he is a truck driver, he needs to go back and take the course again!! Husband said same old analogy “Do as I say, not as I do!”…I told him, it’s the same EVERYWHERE!!
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    I hope to not come off too cynical here. But if you're husband is this frustrated so early in the UPS experience, perhaps it would be in his and your best interest to walk away now. What you've described in your posts are normal daily occurances at many domiciles throughout the system. They don't magically go away after he obtains his 30 days, 10 years, or whatever. The system will remain as it is for some time, it is your husband that will need to change his outlook for the two of you to mentally survive this experience. Just my opinion....
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    I agree with Dawg.

    What concerns me it there appears to be a certain smugness that your husband brings with him. He does not think he has anything to learn after twenty years and he already looks down on his supervisor. Most of us have to be around a driver for six months to a year before we earn that honor.:lol:

    Your husbands trainer went through DTS in order to be allowed to train new drivers. DTS is the single most intense school UPS has. If your husband thought about quitting the one week orientation he is going through now then he would have quite DTS 20 times over. What his training supervisor will not have is the constant practice of his skills that driving every day would give him. Therefore he may be a little rough shifting until he gets his skills back. But he knows his craft and yes he can even teach a 20 year driver something. In this case your are right the fact the supervisor cannot practice his skills everyday and the driver can means that we sometimes do put ourselves in a do as I say not as I do situation.What I am saying is we need to share in a little respect here. Your husband should be respected for his twenty years but he should also recognize that the trainer is qualified and that there are things he can learn.

    Did he pull doubles in Europe? If not then the fun starts when he is on his own for the first week. Send him out to a local sort where the yard is cramped and he has to break down a set , put a set of hot night loads together and get back in time for the night sort close.

    The training is viewed as being intense. As intense as it is there is so much more to learn. He will need the help of the other drivers to get through it.

    Keep in mind that we are very anal about all feeder issues. If a driver has an accident in which the other motorist is hurt then all the training the supervisor did will be pulled and reviewed in detail. If your husband violates on DOT hours then he will get a slap on the wrist while the supervisor who started him and did not check his hours could lose his job. The responsibility with driving a tractor trailer is greatly increased compared to other jobs and the responsibility for the manager even more.

    UPS is a cult of hard working perfectionists in all levels of the job whether hourly or managment. This I think is the biggest difference I think your husband will have to learn to deal with from the more laid back style he dealt with in europe.

    I wish you both well.
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    Thanks for you feedback. As stated before, the first two weeks are very frustrating, for any person in a new job. To note here what he has experienced, seems to be quite common in any job. He is very lucky, and he is proud to have this job! He is sticking it out, and knows that after a while, it will be easier. Everything you describe that he may do, will do, etc., he has done, and has had no problem with it, here or in Europe. <ST1:p</ST1:pThe problem I think, which is with anyone, when you have to learn a new paper or computer way of doing something, it can be aggravating…ask anyone when they get a new computer software program at home, it takes a while to learn your way around the system, until you know what buttons do what. Being supportive, is the most important thing I have found to help someone through something, and asking for advice.

    I cannot repeat what else the Supervisor did, it would literally cost the man his job, and when you are being trained by someone, you become disillusioned with the way the system is run. One Supervisor may be tougher and stricter, and follow the rules, more than the next one…who could give a care and just wants to get the night over.

    Today he is not under the same Supervisor, but one who is much different and friendly in the process of showing and training. Honestly, my husband said the other guy was useless. Like he said, and I believe him, if the guy doesn’t know how to drive, and he is showing someone how to drive, he really needs to go back to basics. He may “know” what and what not to do, but to physically do it, the guy failed. Sorry if this hurt anyone’s feelings, didn’t mean to offend anyone, just wanted to share what a new feeder driver is going through right now, which I know is not common in all UPS facilities.
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    no problem we have good trainers and bad trainers. Sounds like he came across a trainer who thinks he is better then he really is.
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    A couple of things. First off, there is something to learn even from the worst managers. If nothing else, than to recognize when you finally get a good one.

    Also, leave the personality out of the job. If you dont get personal with the sup, then the frustration you have mentioned is not usually there. you are there to learn, not to make friends. And as Tie mentioned, a Sup does not have the time on road to keep his skills honed to where they should be. So why is that a problem for your husband? Learn what you can from him and move on.

    There is one more thought. I can teach anybody anything, as long as they are willing to be taught. But give me someone that thinks they know it all, and you can not teach them a damn thing. It almost sounds like your husband might have a bit of that attitude.

    As a trainer, I dont care how many years you have done something. That does not mean you were doing it correctly or safely. Many people I come into contact with during the day have been driving for 20-40 years, but many do not do so safely. And they have the driving records to prove it.

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    First, I would like to say, my husband doesn not have an "attitude", like has been protrayed here in responses. My husband is a good, honest, hard working man, and is very nice and friendly. As you will see in my post, it was two other seasoned drivers, who made the comment about UPS, my husband is new, how could he make that assumption already? It was made by two men who have worked there a long time. My husband only nodded to the guys, he didn't give in to any gossip, but as he say's, you listen, and make your own judgments from what you see and hear.

    Seond, my husband didn't get personal with the supervisor, he just listened and see what he could learn. Can my husband not have an opinion?? I'm sure many of you have walked away from a driver you are training, and asked yourself, "How did this guy get a license?"

    You ask, did my husband learn anything, he said no, nothing that he didn't know already, the only thing he said he is learning is the way UPS wants it done, and the paperwork, which he is learning, (from another trainer), and like I said before it's the paperwork that he is trying to get used to, not the driving. Like TieGuy said, sometimes you get a good trainer, sometimes, you don't.

    Anyone can learn anything, and we all learn something new everyday of our lives. Do I see terrible truck drivers on the road, you bet!! Do I see cautious, concerned truck drivers, you bet!!! Could all of them learn something bet, just like the rest of us.

    I don't think there is any harm in telling what my husband has been going through, and he is not, would not bash the company, neither would I, but you don't know the whole story. Does he wish he had one of the other trainers??? YOU BET!!! He even said so, after speaking with other trainees and finding out what they did. He just unfortunately got stuck with a guy who didn't care about other people on the road, or the guy he was training.
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    And the responses are to the part of the story you have posted. As to the whole story, how are we to know unless you post it.

    As Tie has said, there are trainers that pour their heart and soul into the training of new drivers. They are the ones that never want any of their drivers to ever be involved in an accident, or be in violation of the DOT.

    Then there are others that could care less. To them it is just a job, maybe a stepping stone to a promotion.

    But each of these can teach the willing person something. And just because some other drivers had input really does not change the situation. If your husband makes up his mind they can teach him something, they will. If he has made up his mind they cant, then they wont.

    It would be really nice if every trainer had good people skills, cared about what they do deeply, and could motivate the student. But you know, not all people are that gifted, so the student needs to do the best they can. But one thing they wont do, and that is babysit your grown husband.

    If he does not like what is going on, there are other companies that are looking to hire drivers with skills. Some even pay fairly well.

    But if you want what UPS has to offer long term, listen, open yourself up to new ideas, learn what is taught, and then draw one of the better paychecks from one of the best companies around.

    It is just that simple.

    Or am I missing something?

    As to getting personal with the trainer
    Now tell me, do you really believe what you just posted. That the sup does not care about other people on the road? Maybe the sup got the impression from your husband that he knew everything and with 20 years under his belt, there was nothing the sup could teach? See, we are just getting one side of the story, but even that side just really does not make sense to me.
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    Will I tell the whole story?? NO! I don't know who is from where on this site, and I would never cost anyone his job...the guy will eventually lose that on his own.

    As I stated, I agree, there are those that are good trainers and bad...they are in every job. Can you learn anything from them, not this one would you want to!! Someone needs to babysit him!! And I do thank those people who do a great job and care, like I said, my husband wished he had gotten on of the other trainers!

    All people need to be "Baby Sat" on their new job, I'm sure everyone here needed help, guidedane, "am I doing it right?" If they don't ask, they get in trouble for "not asking!" It's a no win situation! You have to be open to learn if you want to keep any job, and I think I have stated that clearly here that he is.

    Do I stand by what I just posted?? Yes I do!!!

    The supervisor evidentally wasn't training, and had another agenda. Why would I say, he wished he had another that not a sign of someone open and willing to learn??? Take it for what it is, a bad trainer, and you have a driver who is willing and open to learn. Accept it, you have one bad apple in your barrell and move on!
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    Tell your husband to suck up to his trainer and kiss his rear every chance he gets.
    don't burn any bridges.
    this sup will go on to something else and forget about your husband soon.
    If he wants the job he'll have to do some sucking up.
  11. dannyboy

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    No they dont. They need to help or mentor him, but not spoon feed him. Too many people want to be spoon fed and not take any initiative on their own. If you want to have your husband babysat, hire a baby sitter.

    All you have posted is that this trainer is not training, but has other plans and agenda. So what is he doing? Why will you not post what makes this trainer so bad? Who and what are on this site really is not an issue, it is a cop out.

    If he is that bad and is not training, then what is he doing. Why dont you post details so we all can know what you are talking about, otherwise all we have to go on is rumor. And then only half of that even.

    How do you expect help and good answers when you dont post all the relevant information? It sounds like you have an agenda, but being truthful is not part of it.

    And no you do not have to give names, that part is not needed. But the whole story would be nice. What you are doing is only letting us watch half the movie. So how are we to get a complete idea of the truth?

    Trick, hehehe words of wisdom. Unfortunatly true though.

  12. UPSJT

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    Agenda? There is no agenda, just posting what happened, even if it is respectfully not saying all that happened. I'm sorry you feel the way do...but I am not the type of person to tell lies, if you are waiting to hear the whole story, sorry...Take it or leave it!

    "Baby Sat", (this sites term) guided, trained, call it what you's all the same, I'm sorry you feel the way do.

    My husband will do fine, because I know he will, and he is the type of man to succeed. He doesn't let much get to him, and like he say's, he just nods his head and listen's, and takes what he can use...period. He is doing it the UPS way, and that is the end of the story.

    From all the posting's here, I take it all of you are proud of your jobs, and what you do, and I am sure you all do a damn fine job, and are only trying to defend someone, it's understandable...I would probably do the same with co-workers in my office.

    Sorry to have mentioned that there was any problems, of whatever magnitude. I wish you all luck in training your drivers, and thanks for doing the best "you" can do in making sure your drivers are trained well.
  13. dannyboy

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    Listen, you are totally missing the point. No one has called you a liar yet.

    This site deals with all sorts of problems and personalities. Details are what make or break the conversation. You want answers that are relevant to what you post, then the more details we have the better. You have not given us a single detail as to what you think is bad, wrong or anything else. So without the details, you could very well be like UPSGIRL a while back.

    So deal with the details, if you will not, then there is not much I or any one else can do to help.

    And yes, we do take up for one another, but only to outsiders that try and climb on a brownies back. But if we have rotten employees, we want to get rid of them as much as the next.

  14. UPSJT

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    You seem to be quite upset by not getting the answers you need. Sorry about that!

    I don't fall for name calling, or being compared to anyone else.

    I wish you luck in your years to come with UPS.
  15. dannyboy

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    Not name calling, but when you have a board, any one can post anything, and with none of the details, just not sure you are what you claim. Most times when people dont post details its cause there ain't any.:lol: not that they are trying not to cost someone their job.

    As for UPS, Ive done my 33 years.

    Tell you hubby to grow up, kiss up, and suck it in as trick posted. All else will fall into place.

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    Don't worry about ole Dannyboy, he's just a little bit grumpy these days since he no longer has any sup's to suck up to.
  17. dannyboy

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    But at the same time, not gonna sit here and listen to garbage on how someone is screwing up or screwing her husband without some examples.

    It smells like a troll.

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    Roflmao. Trick I gotta give it to you once I think I have you pegged you come up with something completely out of character. I think I understand what your're saying even If I am not comfortable with the wording.

    UPSjt even though we all get on here and complain about different things from time to time you can see we take a lot of pride in what we do and how well we do it.
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    Anyone who can,t pass that class or is "scared" should be out, back to package no room for weak minded feeder drivers causing major wrecks.....
  20. Fredless

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    They make that damn class out to be so hard, and I'm talking about the package car one. He'll be fine. Look at it this way, would UPS really waste ALL that time and money to flunk you over not memorizing HABITS 100% correctly? I know the majority of the people in my package car driving class were SO hung up on that memorization crap, they freaked and got so panicky about everything. day at a time.