New job.

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    He's the supreme ruler of the neighborhood of make believe
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    What is your new job? I think a few people have asked, still haven't heard a response of this great economic opportunity. Please enlighten us dumb and poor UPS drivers so we can put in applications immediately.
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    Script writer for Shecky O'Greene.
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    I gave you 19th even though I was only mildly amused
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    I think almost everyone who works at UPS and Hates their job realizes that there aren’t any better options
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  7. PT Car Washer

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    There is always other options and hundreds of employees, both FT or PT or hourly or management, discover this every year. Life is too short to hate what you do for a large portion of your life.
  8. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    How is being a Secret Squirrel Black Ops High Speed Low Drag Operator treating you?

    What color is the boat house at Hereford?

    Yup, he also was some sort of contractor for the USMC in another thread where he claimed to be paid over 100k a year with access to a private plane and could pick his missions. So of course he comes to UPS and pushes cardboard at 10 bucks a hour for a little while and then one day remembers....

    OMG... I forgot I have this fancy degree.. I can get a job that starts at 190k a year with full benefits and have a 19 year old girl get me coffee.
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  9. Covemastah

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    Did they give you corporate seats at the fake Yankee stadium with free booze and hookers and guaranteed Yankee World Series victory ???
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    No guarantees until Chris Sale’s arm falls off.
  11. Decided to quit on Friday? More like got fired.
  12. If your life is stress free now why do you need to smoke?
  13. Obama did.
    Had Biden get him coffee in a miniskirt.
  14. He's probably @Dragon 's boss now.