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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by toonertoo, Oct 6, 2003.

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    I just heard this morning on Kramer, that UPS introduced a new service offering 1 day less from many metro businesses. ie washington dc to Houston, in one day less. I think it is kind of strange when the move is so secretive, even we don't get the info from management when selling service, ie getting leads is the topic of the PCM. After the PCM I asked about it and the poor guy in charge of the meeting didnt have the info and I heard it on the news on the way to work.......I think it would be a great selling point........But we would need more info to sell it....... what do you think????
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    I find it amazing that my suits didnt know about this transaction either. I thought that was what our PCM`s were for.UPS is going to have to get the packages back to the primary so I am sure the really late nighters wont be working too late anymore.Lets go YANKEES!!!!!!
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    Local I am just glad I am not the only one that heard it..........I thought it was the voices again................
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    Check out the two news items in "Brown Cafe" home page.
    (UPS Accelerates Flow of Packages around the United States /bloomberg)
    (UPS Cuts Ground-Delivery Time /smart money)

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    Yah, I heard the news on the radio while delivering today. When I got back to the center I asked my sup if he heard anything. Not at all, in fact I had to explain it to him. No pcm announcement today about it.
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    We have been doing it for about 3 months. Maryland / DC northern Va to Houston in 3 days previously 4.

    Same area to northern California in 4 days. It was supposed to be in response to Fedex service enhancements but Fedex backed off because they could not make California work.

    We wanted to work the kinks out before we announced it. In our case Monday night to California by Friday is the toughest part of the plan. To Accomplish it we run three sleeper teams out of Baltimore on monday night. Two pull GVICA loads straight to Willow Springs Chicago the last one pulls to Union Pacific in Arkansas which has a later departure time then Willow Springs. My understanding is we have sleeper teams all over the east coast doing the same on mondays. The schedule is real tight and these teams often have no more than an hour to play with to make the train. Therefore we have mechanics pretrip all equipment prior to loading to ensure we have no breakdowns. Its been a challenge and it will continue to be one to meet this committment I hope it pays off.
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    Are there any new (or current) Feeder sleeper team people out there that can verify what Tieguy has just previously stated?

    All I see is more loads going on the rail and still a lot of Feeder drivers working in the hub displacing part timers.
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    No feeder I'm sure I'm making it all up. It never happened and there was never a service upgrade. Thanks for exposing me. I feel better now.
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    In the July and September issues of Trains they detailed the coast to coast trains that UPS asked BNSF/NS and UP/NS to run. BNSF has always had the majority of UPS business and it was thought that they would do what they could to run the coast to coast hotshot. UP evidently under cut BNSF and got all the business.

    Trains leave either coast Monday evening and they make it to the other coast in time for Friday delivery. This is a premium service and the railrods charge premium dough, I would not be surprised if UP picks up more UPS volume and delivers it faster.

    Interesting stuff.

    Tom B