NOT the Best Contract Ever

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by derf3733, Oct 1, 2007.

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    Just remember no matter what UPS or the Teamsters tell you...

    A $9-an-hour increase in wage and benefits over the life of the contract would be less, on a percentage basis, than the 2002 contract. (And the was suppose to be the Best Contract Ever)
  2. satellitedriver

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    Try and make someone covered under the CS pension plan agree with you.
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    It's not just how much of an increase in pay that matters. We'll have to scrutinize the rest of the contract and see what they've been able to come up with in terms of overtime, 8hr requests, etc. I'm all for smaller raises as long as we've got other benefits. We're paid very well right now. And we still will be after the end of this next contract.
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    Just look at the auto industry if you think you can always see your pay increasing while competitors come along and do the same work for less money. If you don't stay competitive, kiss your jobs and security goodbye.
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    Most would agree with NCamara, we are highly compensated. I want to keep what I have and not lose it. It's agreed we work hard for our wages but I've got news for you. You're very easily replaced and most laborers work just as hard or harder for much less. Count your blessings and tithe a percentage to whomever you chose. I believe the greatest percentage of the wage increase should go to the part-timers. Why are they making $9 and hour when I'm making almost $29? All of our days (and nights) depend on them. Bitch, moan and complain about your job and what you earn. I consider myself fortunate and strive to do the best job I can regardless of what management may throw at me. And I furthermore feel the UPS driver on the road should by far be the highest compensated of all hourly employees. I have a CDL and work feeders but they are what makes this company what it is!:thumbup1:
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    so there will be no immediate raises for those hired after 2002? i'm trying to find details of this contract. i'll be graduating from CSU Sacramento near Christmas of next year possibly. as it stands, i don't know of any union job that would let me take advantage of my degree. i would have to apply for a corporate job in UPS and cross my fingers. i like my job security currently and hate to give it up for a higher paying job with the lack of job security. i hope to keep the pt job and work full-time elsewhere until i get settled.
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    the breakdown down on the raise is this from what i have been told
    1st yr .70 , 2nd .75 , 3rd .75 , 4th .85 , 5th .95 they will put a 1.00 every year into the pension and health ,,and the raise every year will be split in half .35 for the first six mon. and .35 for the next six mon. every year of the contract the raise will be split , seems to me some one is making a lot of money on the raise. I think if you get .70 raise you should get it all , brian
  8. UPS Lifer

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    Everything is relative....Front loaded is better...agreed, however, 5 years from now there will be people complaining (if it changes back to a once a year raise) that they would rather be getting a raise every 6 months:w00t:!
    There is only so much money in the pot to divie out. This is like making a payment on a car. Not counting interest, if you can spread the cost of payments out from 3 years to 4 years the payment is less per month. Even though it might cost you more over 4 years, the payment is more affordable and may fit into your budget more easily.

    Remember 6.1 billion is a big a** number. This was a big test in my mind. I am already on a pension and to see the company bail out the Central States means they actually care about their employees once they have retired! Peace of mind that your check is going to keep on comin is so important when you are no longer working!
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    $6.1 billion is a huge number! But, that's only what they are paying to 'buy out' of CS. They also will pay to fund a new pension fund....unless I read wrong.

    Just in aiming high and getting the big picture.....I think it's smooth sailing for UPS in the future for dealing with the competition...... with a minor bump if they get a lowering of their AAA credit rating, but that'll be a temporary thing.:wink:
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    I might be wrong but they will be funding the new plan with the same or less monies they would have been using to go to central states. They might even end up funding the new fund with UPS stock.
  11. UPS Lifer

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    You make a good point about the credit rating. Did you read about this? I would like to check out the article.

    I am not sure that a lot of people understand that all retired folks/shareholders have a vested interest in everything that happens. I still think (even though it may affect me in the pocket book) that bailing out the Central States is the right thing to do. I just hope that the voting members realize this.
  12. local804

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    Central states isnt the only area affected by a underfunded pension. Should the other areas that recieved pension cuts (say like one of the largest UPS teamster locals #804 agree to this even though ours isnt restored?) have any effect for the voting members that you talk about?

    Ups lifer- Sometimes you have to look at the big picture (ups famous phrase)
    UPS and the Teamsters are going to make this look like the best thing since sliced bread even though it isnt the best for ALL UPS employees. While UPS looks like a hero to some, it might not be exactly what it seems.
  13. UPS Lifer

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    I am confused...Are you stating that bailing out the Central States is not a good thing? or is there underlying affects on other funds that I might not be aware of?
  14. satellitedriver

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    Is your local larger than the amount of Upsers in CS?
    It addresses a real problem for huge number of Upsers.
    At least one problem can be solved for Upsers that are in an underfunded pension program.
    If it does not pass, the teamsters are sealing the fate of 43,000 Upsers in CS.
    After Jan. 1st, the govt. will step in and no one should want to see that happen.
  15. local804

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    No Upslifer, bailing out the central states in an awesome thing. I am just stating that our pension fund was underfunded and cut dramatically also and we are pushed under the table. Its a very good thing the CS pension get a band aid on it, our cut is still bleeding.
  16. local804

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    We are no where near 43,000 and are probably 1/10 of that number (dont quote, just a wild guess)
  17. GuyinBrown

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    Bailing out CS or NOT bailing out CS... it affects every employee either way.

    As the largest fund in the worst shape, pulling the UPS employees out of that fund accomplishes 2 things - it helps the employees and saves the company money. Contrary to what most people who post on this forum think, it's actually a good thing when UPS is saving/making money. ( Not necessarily the people in this particular thread, but the forum as a whole. )

    If UPS had left CS alone, it would affect the rest of the company because they would be forced to pump more and more money into it to keep it afloat. I don't think that it's a matter of them ignoring the other funds that have taken hits, but more of a "stop the worst bleeding first" approach. 6 Billion is a pretty big chunk of change, even for a healthy company, so they obviously can't fix everything at once. Hopefully this buyout will be successful enough for them to address the other under-performing funds the next time around.
  18. local804

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    You made alot of sense till you added that stupid comment. Can you back up that wisecrack with who and why you would think something as stupid as that?
  19. RockyRogue

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    I agree. And all Teamster diehards, remember this: the IBT owes you NOTHING as far as representation after retirement. -Rocky
  20. local804

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    I agree with him also Rocky but the teamsters shouldnt have to represent me when I am retired. The only help I need when I retire is from the government trying to screw me every way from here to China.