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    Anybody hear of ups freight involved in an accident in the early morning hours of 4/9. 54/7 near Newburgh ?
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    Not too long ago I came across a tire truck trying to change a tire on the drivers side. He was parked in the right lane of A BUSY interstate.
    Needless to say I called 911 right away. About 1 week before there was a fatal wreck in the same area.
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    Prayers and sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased. Prayers and strength to the injured man taken to hospital. And thoughts and prayers to our fellow driver. Although maybe physically uninjured, has to a hard time emotionally. To those of you on here unfamilar with this stretch of the NYS Thruway, it has to be one of the more lethal areas of road in the state if not the region. There are constant newspaper articles about it, as well as major television news (New York City) segments. I'm surprised it has never made any of the lists you see on the internet, or on Speed Channel, regarding deadliest roadways. Unfotunately the deadliest of seasons on our roadways is rapidly approaching, for this roadway in particular the past 2 - 3 years. Just one more reason to be extra vigilant out there. We are the professionals.
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    Its been a number of years since I last traveled the thruway, but aren't there shoulders? Anyone who stops a vehicle to make repairs in the travel lanes of a major highway is asking for trouble.
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    I don't think it was a UPS Freight driver but a regular UPS Feeder Driver from NY.

    From www.recordonline.com
    One man was killed and another injured Saturday when a UPS tractor-trailer struck a car whose driver had stopped in the right lane of southbound I-87 to help jump-start a box truck, state police said. The UPS truck was traveling south, between Exits 16 and 17 in the Town of Cornwall, around 5:25 a.m. when it rammed a Honda, pushing it toward a box truck parked on the shoulder. The car struck two men standing outside the box truck. The identity of the man who died was not available, but police said the injured man was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern and that the UPS driver was uninjured. The accident closed the right lane of southbound I-87 for several hours.

    From www.PoughkeepsieJournal.com
    The right lane of the southbound New York State Thruway between Newburgh and Harriman is expected to re-open by 4:30 p.m., following an accident that killed a 55-year-old Pennsylvania man and sent his friend to the hospital with serious injuries, state police said.

    The accident occurred shortly before 5:30 a.m. when the 27-year-old driver of a 1998 Honda parked the vehicle in the right southbound lane, state police said. That driver stopped because a Honda box truck driven by the 55-year-old Pennsylvania man experienced mechanical problems and had pulled the vehicle over on the shoulder. The two men were friends and their vehicles were traveling together, state police said.

    New York State Police Investigator Noel Nelson said the identities of the two men were being withheld pending notification of the 55-year-old man's family, of his death.

    The drivers — the man who survived is from Pennsylvania also — had gotten out of their vehicles to work on the box truck when a UPS tractor-trailer driven by Louis Nunziata, 63, of Queens, approached and struck the Honda parked in the right lane of the road, state police said. The two people who had gotten out of their vehicles were both struck, with the 55-year-old driver of the box truck thrown 20 feet and pronounced dead at the scene.
    The driver who parked the Honda in the right lane was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Rockland County with serious injuries, state police said. Nunziata suffered minor injuries and refused medical attention at the scene.

    The soutbhound right lane of the Thruway remains closed at the scene of the accident as crews worked to remove the tractor-trailer.

    In any case our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the injured and deseased men as well as the UPS driver that will have to live with this the rest of his life. GODSPEED
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    Too sad. God Bless all of them.