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    It says observers from the rank and file will be observing the ballot count. How does someone get in on this. I would like to be there to see it for my self. Anyone know anything about this? My local BA was clueless
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    I sat in last contract. To be honest it's pretty well run and there is no room for shenanigans. Pretty mundane actually.
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    Now you've spoiled the next three weeks of threads claiming improprieties. You're no fun.
  4. Your first name needs to be Tony or Gino, only then will you be considered.
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    All of our ballots are going to UPS FREIGHT? What will there be to count?...The fix is in!!!!
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    Your local's PO should be able to answer this. Each supplement (or rider) is allowed two observers at the local unions expense, which most likely will be at your expense because no local is required to send anyone. You must be a member in good standing (current with dues in most cases). If more than two observers per unit are interested, a drawing by the Election Officer is conducted. Call your local soon as there are time limits.