Ode to Susie


From the promised LAND

you think danny would know better than to be a follower, give his heritage
While I disagreed with several of your lines of thought, even though they were mostly someone else's thoughts verbatim. But that is OK, to each their own thoughts and beliefs.

What was disturbing about your presentation was the constant belittling of those that would take a stand against your views. Of course the whole avatar thing was to belittle and intimidate, which didnt do a damn thing but show how spiteful you are to those that dare disagree. And given the power, you would/could be the personality type that would destroy all those that would disagree by what ever means at your disposal.

When trying to reach the hearts of man, you have to do so in a manner that does not alienate them first. But instead of learning, you sought to expand the role. Shame. Someone with your talent wasting it on hate and vicious attacks. Even your constant negative barrage on Bush is old. Get a life, discuss things in a neutral manner and you will find that there are more, many more that would at least listen if not agree.

Best to you.

And for your goodby, I for one know you can not stay away, and will not no matter what Cheryl does.



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Scary, that what it was. They say there are dangerous freaks on message boards, and I believe she is heading in the "dangerous" direction.

Definitely a reason I stay as anonymous as possible.


From the promised LAND
Hey Susie

Glad you are back. Sort of. Shame you could not be civil in your posting as Susie. you would never have been given the boot.



From the promised LAND

She could spell manners, just did not have a clue what they were:lol:

What about your avatar? I cant see a thing, it is blank!



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I need to make this thread legit. An "ode" is a poem, so here goes....

I think that I shall never see
Anyone as mean as old susee.
She posted way too many links
Probably had too many drinks.

She is supposedly gone,
But we know better
She's coming back
As an Irish Setter :tt2:


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There once was a poster named Susie
Whose posts made her sound like a floozy
People asked for her ban
and Cheryl gave her the can
when her avatar of Hitler was a doozy!