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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by altstewie, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. altstewie

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    Ive been debating whether to say anything about this, Im not sure if other buildings have this going on. Its not a big deal, its just agitating because its UPS saying one thing but doing another.

    2 or 3 times a month, the sort manager and the CHSP union chair hand out stuff like water and granola bars to people in the guard shack outside of the building when walking into work. I never take water or a granola bar because one, I have my own bottle always and two, I always eat on the way there.
    But when they do hand out stuff they hand out a safety paper. Anything from good hydration to nutritional facts or 8 keys of lifting and lowering or doing stretching before and after.

    I know this is pushing it, but I dont want to read something off the clock, and also I dont stretch before and after. Ill stretch in my trailer by doing the correct methods of stretching for 45 secs because you have to give enough time for the muscle to contract to even have an effective stretch.
    But I hate this charade of peddaling this safety info on us but then they dont follow it by not following egress laws, not making people lift and lower correctly, letting people lift over 70s and odd incomps by themselves. Its like they preach safety but dont follow. And plus no one should have to take anything because its off the clock anyways.

    Should this be a battle I take on or should I quietly let it go.
  2. Jones

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    You might be making a mountain out of a molehill here.
  3. over9five

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    I would agree with Jones. Take the water and the snack, toss the safety paper in the first trashcan you pass.
  4. UnsurePost

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    Take the stale snack and room temperature bottled water and say "I dont know how to read" when they hand out the pamphlet.
  5. things2auction

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    Thats nice of them to give out free stuff.

    Just toss the paper, who cares?
  6. altstewie

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    alright yeah, my fiancee said dont make a big deal out of it. I dont know I hate how they're hypocritical though. Im already on the everyday radar. I guess its not the right battle in the war.
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  7. 705red

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    Alt, as a steward have you ever stood out there and handed out fliers? During election times, to inform part time members that they have a 3.5 hour guarantee, to inform members on contract proposals?

    I know I have many times, now if UPS wanted to push the issue that someone did not stop to except the flier or snack then you would have an issue. But if the employees stop it is their own choosing.

    And if you are engaged, the bigger fight you have on your hands is after she says "I DO" because after that day it goes down hill rapidly! ha
  8. cachsux

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    Molehill out of a pebble.
  9. Monkey Butt

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    Get a hobby!
  10. Mike23

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    I find I actually read more UPS stuff here (off the clock) then I do at work. I find I actually learn stuff from all the other employees out there (shocking that they actually know something JK!). I wouldn't worry about it. Free stuffs good stuff.

    Everything about UPS is a contradiction. Think of it this way. We're supposed to economically friendly but they don't give you a rewashable container to drink the water out of, they give you a disposable water bottle. Also the paper killed a tree.

    Also take one for me! I haven't had any free anything this year! :(
  11. pudg00

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    When I was laid off and working in the HUB a sup. would stand at the entrance and ask everyone "Are you going to work safe tonight" I wondered what he would do if I said no. I just looked at him and said "RTS" He started calling my carpool buddy and me the RTS brothers.
  12. twenty2go

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    I would accept and you DO have the choice to read or least they give you something.There is a thing such as free will. You can preach all you want ..but it is I who will determine whether to practice or believe.
  13. bscott85

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    they do this EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY at my hub

    supervisors and regular employees on the safety committee stand inside the front door and give out candy, water, fruit, gatorade, cake, with safety papers and sometimes they quiz you. i just avoid it and keep walking to my work area
  14. evilleace

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    I don't know why you are upset take the stuff throw if away or give it away if you don't want it I don't see what the big deal is.