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  1. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    YES...it is hot enough for me today, thanks for asking.

    YES...I am working late this evening.

    YES...I do have something for you.

    YES...I have heard the UPS/FedEx "Fed Up" joke, thanks anyway.

    YES...it is raining outside.

    YES...I have the "2-55" air conditioner in my truck, ha ha ha.

    YES...Christmas is sort of a busy time for us.

    YES...they try to have us make right turns only.

    Attention Union negotiating committee....in our next contract, I would like to have the ability to trade 1 (one) optional holiday in exchange for the ability to biatch-slap an ignorant customer without fear of termination.
  2. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    Yes...I have left your package at your door, walked away and stepped into the package car and started the engine. Yes...I see you run out, waving your hands, to meet me at the curb as I start to take off....yes, I already know what your going to ask me as you stumble up to the passenger side door all out of breath from that 2 second jog from the house....NO, I DONT NEED A SIGNATURE FOR THAT PACKAGE!!!
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  3. mikestrek

    mikestrek New Member

    oh my god! you covered it all right there. LOL. I was thinking that today.
  4. mikestrek

    mikestrek New Member

    Right on the money :happy-very:
  5. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    YES..........I am on holidays this week and am going to sleep till noon tomorrow :wink2:
  6. No...I am not the "United Postal Service"!
  7. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

    How are the roads?........ arrrrrgh
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    YES.... I have seen the mailman/Fedex guy/DHL dude.

    NO.....I don't know when he'll get here.
  9. john346

    john346 No more Brown!

    one more....

    NO, I do not know what it is.

    if only for the last time....:happy2:
  10. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    When did you start working on Saturdays ?
  11. Super_Genius

    Super_Genius Guest

    Yes......I am an arrogant UPS truck driver and everyone else is stupid.
  12. sx2700

    sx2700 Banned

    LOL....I am going to make a point to ask one of these questions from now on when I get a delivery. Oh....and I'm going to try and turn the DIAD over to sign it.
  13. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    yes ........ I have the keys to that office building
    yes.........I take the truck back to ups every nite
    yes.........I do all the towns in Massachussetts
    yes .......I know your cousin Earl Buttstain who worked at ups in Maine for two days in 1994
    Yes........I don't mind if you take 25 mins to cut that check
    Yes........I dont mind comming back at 8 pm to pick up that ground pkg to England
    NO...... your next day letter wont be in Oregon any sooner if I take it at 9:oo a.m
    No......... I didn't realize that there is a trailer missing on my tractor
    yes.......We are forced to record and memorize ups commercials on the weekends
    NO................we don't own the friggn'Cleveland Browns!!!!
    No !!!! you don't need export documents to ship to NEW MEXICO!! [college boy]
  14. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Cove.....love the 4th one !!!
  15. NO.......I don't have stamps on my truck that i can sell you......
    NO.......I won't call you on your cell phone and wait for you.....
  16. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    moreluck.......we can't make this stuff up,,,,to bad we never kept a daily journal on this job........20yrs of comedy to write about from customers and mngment right down to the stupid things some of the drivers have done cove
  17. rock21

    rock21 New Member

    yea hi just had a question for someone just got a job but havent been able to sign into the upsers site can anyone tell me the discount at best buy or the apple store would help alot thanks
  18. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Rock, just took a quick look. I don't see Best Buy or The Apple Store.

    There's related stuff, like Hewlett Packard and IBM.
  19. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... they do look nice.

    No... I don't want to touch.

    Please put your shirt back on, ma'am, and sign here.
  20. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    'Yes... they do look nice.
    No... I don't want to touch.'

    Over......you wish !!