Open Door and the Shift Premium

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    At our RT and local ramp, a lot of the RTD's and ramp agents are filing Open Door's as a way to show our anger at having our shift premium taken away from us. Tonight I have heard that the RTD's and ramp agents at our nearest hub have also started to file Open Door's as a way to express their unhappiness with the company. A small minority of us have also told management that we are NOT going to take the SFA, and a couple of drivers have even started a petition on this.


    Right on!! Fight city hall, you aren't going to win, but it'll damn sure let them know we're not they care. Wonder if the Labor Board would be interested?
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    Great to hear that a group of fdx employees are actually fighting for something that has been taken away...I hope they listen and back off..Good luck!

  5. a day late and a dollar short
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    It's gotta start steps:zombismiley:
  7. FredEx screwing thousands and thousands of night drivers-split shift drivers and swing drivers on long break days out of thousands of dollars a year

    Gotta love it. Of course he had to figure out a way to recoup that 20 cent tri-annual raise.

    Sticks 20 cents in your left pocket and grabs 50 cents out of your right pocket
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    FedEx could care less what it's employees like or dislike. This is the trend FedEx has taken for the last 16 years. Fred Smith and company spread enough cash and lobbyists around to continually quash any effort to unionize. This last failed attempt will be the final one. Now FedEx Corp is empowered to do anything it wants. And it will. This is just the start. As corporate profits grow, the strain on the back of it's operations employees becomes greater. and greater. And with the economy so weak, FedEx knows they have a captive audience.