Opinion: The Muslim mind is on fire



Interesting op ed piece from the Middle East Times:


Great article Cheryl. If they ever let this guy have a voice in Islam, maybe they would start changing minds against this type of antiquated thinking. Eventually, the tide is going to turn on these people.


A good article indeed.I couldn`t help thinking as I read it how these extremists are focused on a false belief.They truly think that because they have devoted thier life to the muslim religion ,they honestly believe that they are doing the right thing by killing all the infidels.Hitler and his fatherland murdered millions of Jews before the world realized what his intentions were,and more recently the genocide in Africa between two tribes.None of these have anything to do with religion.Its just old fashioned racism taken to the extreme.The people who are commiting the crimes are being misled that it is thier duty to Allah or whoever,to kill the infidels.No true god would allow such unnecessary violence towards another human being.I think that Osama Bin Laden is a military expert,and he`s attempting to lead all true muslims down the wrong path.If there is any god at all I think he`s looking down on the true infidels ...the terrorists.


I hope Ted Kennedy and John Kerry can now realize the plight of the real Muslim.

What a Great article written by a Muslim who cares.

Ya see, not everybody writes biased left wing propaganda.

The 3000 Americans wiped out by the likes of the Osama followers is enough for us to be there flexing our Freedom!

Great article Cheryl!

Keep the peace; don't let your guard down.


Just a couple of thoughts.

First off, the true followers of Islam or Muslim faiths do not believe that taking life is proper, not any more so that it is allowed in our Christian faith. But we do have among our people of all faiths those that do not believe that laws are to be followed if they believe otherwise.

Terry Nichols et al were not of the eastern religions, but yet they killed with bombs. They were terrorists, just like these other scum are. They hide behind the religion just like the KKK did when they used terror against the blacks or any one supporting the black cause. How many people were hung from trees or shot and buried in the name of God?

So as far as the whole of these religions, they have very strong beliefs that are very similar to ours.

Secondly, as a man that was born in another country, I personally think that the USA is making one of the largest mistakes that it has ever made by allowing someone citizenship without learning the English language.

I'm sorry, my mother and father had to learn English, as did I when we moved here. And while IT was demanded for us to do so, as people that appreciated the gift of becoming US citizens, we took pride in learning the language of the country that took us in. It was very very hard for my mother, but she never quit, and took great pride in learning from her children. We did not expect those around us to learn the language that we spoke, nor did we demand that all the labels or signs were multilingual. We made it a point of pride to learn the language.

Now we have all those people that demand that we allow them not to learn our language, but that we must learn theirs. And we must by law, teach their children in the language that they choose for their children.

Case in point, one of our drivers has a daughter that is now a 5th grade teacher. She had a student last year that was from Japan and spoke no English. She was prohibited from using or attempting to teach any English around the child, was made to produce a special curriculum for the child in Japanese, all the while trying to teach 31 other children in her class. What a crock of BS. If you want to have your children taught in our free system of education, ya gotta learn English. If not, go home.

IF you want to take advantage of our health care systems, get a job.

This country was made great by people that put their differences aside and worked together for a common cause. Now we celebrate differences with an in your face mentality that is splitting our country, not a good thing.

Sorry for the ramble.



Danny....super post....if you go to another country,you will either speak their language or come back home.They do not make any special arrangements just because you are a foreigner.Remember the saying"when in Rome...do as Rome does"