Orion 100%

Hot Carl

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Yes, that works. You won't get any OMS messages or anything else. Alternatively you can prerecord your last stop to prevent the system from updating the manifest.
Oh we exploited the hell out of PreRecord to shut that thing off with the V, but that feature is gone in the DIAD VI. And it didn't have to be your last stop either. It could be any stop. As long as you had a PreRecorded stop it would never update.


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So, I finally started following Orion 100%. No more searching for stops throughout the DIAD and highlighting things/forgetting to highlight things. No more worries about my own routing with all the area knowledge... This is the best thing ever. I also worked a hell of a lot longer than I normally would, which resulted in 4 9.5+ hour days this past week. The only question I have is why did I not do this sooner?
You wasted more hours of your life sitting on a farty old seat cushion in a dirty sweaty truck. You could've spent that time with your family. You are proud of this.