OSHA Strikes Again!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsdude, Jul 24, 2003.

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    The brilliant minds at OSHA have again stepped in to protect the employees of UPS. They have determined that we should not enter the facility through an open bay door. We must use a pedestrian door. Yes, thats correct, if you need to enter or exit the building and the pedestrian door is several bay doors down, start walking. OSHA is concerned we may be injured if the bay door falls closed. There is hope however, if you are using a handcart OSHA considers you protected from a falling door. Walking through an open bay door with a loaded handcart is acceptable. I try to avoid using the word idiot to describe an individual or organization, idiots would certainly apply to OSHA.

    16 years of Use the path of least resistance down the drain.
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    Maybe OSHA should come to the buildings in the winter when all the doors are closed and 300 trucks start up at the same time.I am sure they will agree that having two groups of start times and 3 teeny weeny fans DO NOT pull the heavy diesel fumes and the raw gas out of the building.
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    Yep somehow we've all survived it.
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    Ah, the government at work. Legislating safety.
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    Gas?? what gas??

    You mean there's raw diesel fumes in our building?
    I never noticed..
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    [​IMG] Just another illustrious way for our government to spend our tax dollars.
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    There may be a few Bu:censored2:es here who go up in arms over this post but I still think it needs to be said in light of OSHA and other Fed agencies who want to "act as our father and mother" all the time. This came from national syndicated talkshow host Neil Boortz's website, boortz.com

    There is, though, much to criticize Bush for. Spending, for instance. Here are some figures from John Fund's column in today's Wall Street Journal. Fund reports that in thre first two Bush budget years federal spending has increased by an inflation-adjusted 5.3% per year. How does that compare with other administrations?


    Reagan, first term

    Reagan, second term

    George Bush

    Clinton, first term

    Clinton, sencond term

    George W. Bush (first two years)

    Now HERE is a good reason to be showing discontent with the Bush Administration.
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    That's a frightening comparison! I believe the politicians (congress and the White House) are doing this under cover of the 9/11 attack. Sad fact is that's OUR money they are spending freely.

    I don't know about other folks but my pet peeve is the nonsense going on in airports under the guise of extra security. What a waste of our tax dollars. For example, on a flight to Hawaii (from Orlando, through Salt Lake City) a woman six rows in front of me pulled a 7" pair of scizzors out of her bag while sewing. Many on the plane were in disbelief as none of the crew bothered to do anything about this potential weapon. How did she get it passed security screeners? Why was she allowed to keep it once it was obvious she had it with her? Lucky for us she was a tourist and not a terrorist.

    Next example, on return from Munich through Phila one needs to go through security to get from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. After placing my carry-on on the belt and walking through the metal detector immediately after my wife, I went to retrieve our carry-on bags. Mine was not there. As I looked arround, the screener had it near the x-ray machine. I asked him why? He said it would have to be hand checked. There were some drinking glasses with wire decorations on them and I guess that wasn't easy to figure out by the screener. After waiting patiently for about ten minutes I asked the screener when they were going to check the bag. He gave me the bag and said "no one is available to check the bag at this time so just go ahead". Boy, I sure felt secure after that!

    As Ben Franklin once said: "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety... deserve neither safety nor liberty."

    True in the 1700's, just as true today.

    By the way, I felt Bush was doing a reasonably good job in most areas up until now but I am quite dismayed by those numbers. I guess we will have to see how the next two years play out.

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    I agree with most of the anti-bush statements ,but the As Ben Franklin once said: "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety... deserve neither safety nor liberty."

    True in the 1700's, just as true today.
    I find it hard to believe that having your bags checked at the airport was one of our "essential" liberties. Just the presence of a new checking system may have a restraining affect on those people who may have wanted to try to blow up a plane. And if you dont believe that then one could easily see that many people wouldnt feel safe even trying to fly without all the extra security. Having the security to some people is giving an liberty to those who wouldnt fly until it is there. There is a very fine line if you think about it. If you take away too many liberties it's not living.On the other hand you just cant allow a person with the Korran in one arm and I hate the U.SA. sign in one hand to board a plane without questioning them. We would become a slave to our liberties.
    Also to get back to Bush. That number is with cutting social programs .
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    Yep, keep taking away those nail clippers. Keep searching those ninety year old women. Sure makes me feel safer when I fly!
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    I thought that the lives that were saved when Richard Reid the shoe bomber was caught before he blew up the plane would have shown any onlooker that precausions were needed. The system is less then perfect but do you really think that if we had just gone back to business as usual we would be safer??? .. I have an open mind. Show me a better plan.
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    Id love to see the military portion of those spending figures. Clinton inherited a strong military from Bush 1. Bush 2 inherited a military in shambles from Clinton. Also, how much has 911 cost the Feds?
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    I'm in total agreement with you on 911 and what the military was like after Clinton but the simple fact is Bush in many respects, IMO, is out democrating the democrats. We need fiscal restaint and I see many of these "do-gooder" programs as nothing but vote buying schemes. I'm all for cutting taxes but cut the size of gov't too while you're at it! JMO given with all due respect towards you. Take care.

    BTW:I see Kid and Tie have jumped in so does that mean that Round 27 of WWF Raw is about to start?[​IMG]

    Just funnin' with ya Tie and Kid.
    Have a good weekend everyone!
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    wkmac: I agree with upsdude - the necessary buildup of the military is what is costing us money.

    Now I don't disagree that there are other government agencies, like OSHA, that we could be rid of and continue to survive. They are out of control when they tell us we can't walk in an open bay door!
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    No doubt 911/military expenses have contributed to the federal deficit, but the floodgates on domestic spending have been opened up. Although somewhat dated, the Policy Analysis from the Cato Institute called Return of the Living Dead sum it up pretty well. I believe the spending patterns laid out in the text continue as a trend today. Additionally, with a divided Congress, Bush has to pander to the Congresscritters or nothing gets done. An example of this was signing a patently unconstitutional campaign finance reform bill into law. Bush knew this bill was garbage, but signed it anyway. In regards to OSHA, I think they are are rouge government agency like the IRS and should be abolished.
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    OSHA is run by a bunch of psychotic liberals who hide behind worker safety.
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    Tin Foil Hat Alert!
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    I think that OSHA did the right thing by opening our eyes to the fact that we injured too many employees.

    I think we have changed the way that we think about working. Most of our employees think about safety now more than ever while they are performing their jobs.

    I also see the people who seem to get hurt all the time being given "special attention." It's about time!
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    Tieguy is off his medication again. Hide all sharp objects!!!!!!
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    The good news when comparing us is my condition is treatable.