our files....do you ever read them...or weed them out?

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  1. Coldworld

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    Does anyone ever get into their files to see what surprises are in there. Do mgt clean out these files after warning letters or the like drop off, or does stuff just sit in there forever. Finally do positve customer comments saying were doing a nice job ever make it into our files, if not why the hell not!!!
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    Are we allowed to see our file?
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think that all you would have to do is ask your mgt team if they would take a moment to sit down with you and review the contents of your file. There very well may be items in there that should have been taken out. Also, complimentary concerns do find their way in to your file, along with non-complimentary. It is a good idea to do this on a periodic basis to ensure that it is current and that there are no "surprises" in there.
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    I have asked to see my file and was told that could not see it. I should care but, why UPS is going to put whatever they want in my file after I leave. So I just add my notes to their file I have here at home.
  5. Harley Rider

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    My understanding is that they cannot refuse to let you review your file. Thats not to say that on every whim you have of wanting to see your file they have to comply but will set up a time to go over it with you. Our files are in an file cabinet that is usually unlocked here. I have looked at mine several times.
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    Everything that is in your file should have been reviewed with you, be it a complimentary letter, attendance record, disciplinary letters or grievances that have been filed and settled. There can be other items in there as well, such as uniform requests.

    Nothing should be a surprise!

    And there is a record retention period for all UPS documents, however, the retention period may differ and is determined by Corporate Legal.
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    Yes, you do have the right to see what is in your file. And If needed, I believe you have the right to copies of things in your file. They might not allow you to see it the minute you ask, but they do have to let you see it from time to time.

    I did not look at mine for many years, and when I finally got around to it, there were things in there they just didnt have a place for. Like the delivery sup having an accident, the report etc, was in my file. There were many things in my file more than 25 years old. Like taking a trip down history lane.

    Please be aware though. That file, while you have the right to look at it, it is company property. If you remove anything, and I mean anything from your file, you can be fired for theft of company property. If there is something there that is not proper, get the sup to remove it.

    But as Chan mentioned, you should have copies of most, or the originals, in your file at the house. Keep them. You never know when they might come in handy.

  8. The reason they will not let you see your personal file is because they need time to "purge" the confidential information youi are not privy to read. What you have left is just basic info and stuff like "uniform orders","vacation requests"...etc...
  9. IWorkAsDirected

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    Oh yea, right!! I worked in the office on TAW for 2 weeks and took a peek at mine, I had not seen 90% of what was in there, it had never been reviewed or discussed with me.
  10. dannyboy

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    Actually, your warning letters, any rides that are documented, etc etc etc. Anything that is not in your file, with the exception of current issues, they can not use against you in a hearing. So the file will have a lot of information in it beyond the mundane.

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    They probably wouldn't let me look at mine. Most of my "Safety Rides" never happened, somebody just forged my signature on them. I went for ten years without one, my OnCar at the time once made a comment that he was great at forging names. I am curious though, I wish I knew the exact dates where I was injured or changed routes. I don't think that 32 years of info like that would still be in there.
  12. dannyboy

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    Changing routes maybe not, but injuries should be.

    I always kept my notes on an appointment book type calendar. Many times my notes on situations were much better than theirs. It also allowed my to document things concerning customers that came in handy several times.

  13. Covemastah

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    Any one know why its called a ''Pittsburgh'' never knew why in almost 20 yrs here,and have never seen it !!!!thanks
  14. dilligaf

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    I have never seen the actual hard copy of my file but I have requested and been given a computer generated copy of what has been put in my file. As to haow accurate one is compared to the other I don't know!!!!!
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    A Pittsburgh form has been replaced by a program on the center computer.

    As i remember and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Tie or UPS Lifer,

    The form was actually developed in Pittsbugh (who knows when) as it was an attendance form - requested days off, funeral leaves, vacations, absences, option days and the back of the form was used for - documentation for talk with prior to warning letters being issued, along with TLA's, OJS rides, safety training, etc.
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    An employee can review their file once a year. I suggest asking for a copy of anything you are required to sign by management. Also ,I would highly recomend taking notes everyday. If you are ever disciplined to the point of going to the grievance panel, they will bring up everything in your file. The b/a or steward can get that info by request to prepair your case, but it's nice to know whats in there.:peaceful:
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    Peeked at your file and were able to determine that 90% of what was in there was never reviewed with you?

    You really missed an opportunity to approach your management team about your file, and probably could have had them review it with you.

    I know I would not want anything in my file that I did not think or agree for documentation to be there, as your file is a reflection of you as an employee, be it positive, negative or both.

    Short story:

    I once had a package car driver who had his issues, but a heart of gold. Just a really good person, however, his personal life was a mess. His wife actually called me and asked for a copy of his employee file, so she could share it with her divorce lawyer, as she knew he had some disciplinary action taken over the years. Her intent was to make him look like a loser at work and home.

    Of course, the only words that came out of my mouth was UPS property and "subpeona". Never heard from her again. Nor did I mention it to the driver, he was under enough stress, poor guy.
  18. I saw our old preload sup stuffing some papers into a box under his desk and I asked him what was in there and he said "Its my temporary file, anything an employee signs that is disaplinary goes in there and at the end of the month I take it up and put it in their file" It seemed kind of shady to me so I mentioned it to our shop steward. He made the sup put all the papers in the shredder.
  19. dannyboy

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    Ours were in the bottom right drawer of the dispatch sups desk, all the way to the back in Alpha order. As long as you didnt remove the folder from the office, you could look at it any time you wanted.

    I guess our center is a bit more laid back, or maybe we just knew our rights and exercised them?

  20. feeder53

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    I have never been had an issue, I just ask and he puts them on the desk and I can go through them.