Package car drivers exposed!!!

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  1. article22

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    DRIVER A did the job by the book everyday never in trouble took lunch every day
    DRIVER b claims he does job by the book although nobody in the center has ever witnessed him taking a lunch or stopping for a burger

    driver a is now retired collecting a very good pension

    driver b is still working with 25 plus yeARS setting up his truck for an hour + every day and not taking his lunch
    giving the company 2 plus hours to make 50 clicks of bonus!!

    driver b has been on a different trip for the past 5 years and is ruining every single one of them

    in closing....... the COMPANY loves driver b type of people and 90% of my center is a "driver b"
    take care of your $$$$ and dont let UPS get in your head!!
  2. TearsInRain

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    you know who i love?
    drivers who DR every single package they can get away with

    they get just as many tracers as anyone else and i RARELY hear complaints from the people on their routes

    just thought i'd share
  3. soberups

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    On my center we have a simple solution for problems like this.

    A shop steward shows up early and documents how much time the driver spends working off of the clock before start time. He then requests a copy of that drivers timecard and delivery records to see if any deliveries were made during the reported lunch time. Having gathered this information, the steward then files a grievance for the bargaining unit to be made whole for all hours worked off of the clock. This will force management to deal with the problem driver instead of looking the other way, because they will be paying out those hours at the overtime rate and it will make someone look bad on a report.
  4. Backlasher

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    When I cover Full time, I come in 10-15 mins B4 start. Just enough time to find out what I'm into for the day, get my bearings for how to run it and if I have time will look for any misloads starting with IAr 1st and pull em. I've been back to e.a.m.s and running air from building after lately and am SHOCLED and DISSAPPOINTED, (yea cap lock unpurpose), 2 C just how many drivers come in 1-2 hrs early and load and sort their Truck off clock. It's just wrong and foulish. These routes are burned up and they cry about add ons but they made their bed. It screws those of us that cover these routes. Why in the world would someone bust their butts off clock for 2 hrs. and also only gain 1 hr bonus coming in under 8 hrs. It makes us look real bad and justifies any argument management has about overallowed!!!!!! It becomes a trend. It's years of reocording routes being done well short of how they would've run if done legit and kills any argument of those of us that don't start working till our start time. It also hides the over loaded preloaders numbers that get pampered by their drivers.

    Robbing us of THE TRUE REALITY AND #'s of the job!!!! I'm sticking to my part time driven gig. Screw the pay cut to cover a burned up route. Discourages me from ever wanting perm Full time cause I know these routes will always be running late unless I follow these FOOLES working 2 hrs for free and faking breaks.

    We need to focus on these issues in next contract:

    Union needs to have a bigger part in the time studdies of routes checking and putting in CHECK the LUNCH SKIPPERS, 2+ hrs early off clock workers, ETC......

    These work ethics need corrected and our UNION needs to have more say in the fair days work!!!!!!


    6 yr air and 3 yrs. cover summer and peaks yet I get same low rate each time I come back lossing $7+ an hour to cover a burned up route with 3 add cuts!!!!

    THEY PAY GUYS OFF THE STREET SAME RATE that never even knew of UPS B4 and suck at the job having guys like me rescue them!!!!!!

  5. Backlasher

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    20+drivers work 1-2 hrs early dayly with nothing said!!!!! BULL CRAP!!! BUNCH OF PANZI LITTTLE SISSY WEAK S>O>B>ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    I stiil will cook a route after rolling into building @ start time!!!!

    But 4 a pay cut, I will do it NO MORE. and when they are screwed and use me they are stuck paying me top rate. I'm better off but still can't believe union past Full time cover at much lower rate then AIR driven!!!

    I'm voting and it will B a NO!!
  6. Backlasher

    Backlasher Stronger, Faster, Browner

    ALL these issues creates an unsafe work environment for those of us that work laget and causes many to skipp SAFE methodes to meet these bad time allowances that these DRIVERS HELPED CREATE!!!!!
  7. yeldarb

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    I stiil will cook a route after rolling into building @ start time!!!!

    With that confidence, it sounds like you might not be following methods once on route.
  8. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    I think if they skip their lunch they should have another hour of work added to their route to even out the dispatch.
  9. yeldarb

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    I would agree with that except for the low seniority guys would be that much farther from their own route.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Telematics flags any work done during meal/break times that the driver posts in their DIAD.

    To be fair, my center manager has never told anyone to work through part or all of their lunch break. However, one of our runner/gunners posted a 5.82 hr paid day last week on a 8.5 hr dispatch. He does not touch a package before start time and does put a full lunch/break in to his DIAD. As to whether he takes it all or not.....
  11. Anonymous 10

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    And management loves it.
  12. article22

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    ive yet to have a shop steward like that.. in fact some of the recent ones stay quiet even in center level hearings!!!
  13. gman042

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    Those that do not take a lunch are required to enter a lunch into the diad......because it is in the contract. If you choose not to take a lunch then you should not be required to record it as such. That small bit of rewording in the contract would solve alot of perceived integrity issues.
  14. Re-Raise

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    We are required to enter a lunch every day in local 710. That lunch can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

    I just checked my contact and it states that the meal time period shall be up to one hour.
  15. UnsurePost

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    JMO there should be NO lunch "requirements", however there absolutely! needs to be a lunch allowance and I would say that 4th to 6th hour is fair and all routes absolutely should be designed for this. As I know and maybe others do, that is hardly the case.

    Too many drivers skip, cheat, work through, del during 10s??? I have seen it firsthand or heard through stewards and of course the stewards themselves are the first to engage in, or condone "a driver seeing his kids an hour earlier in the night to skip a lunch"

  16. Packmule

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    In our building, we are a bonus center, but we are not allowed to touch any packages before start time. OK with that. We are also only required to take 30 minutes of break per day, but can take up to an hour if wanted. Doesn't matter one iota what you do, the time for break does not affect on-road time, bonus, or paid time. Overtime starts at 8 hours of work and stops when you clock out, minus what you took for break. If you are recording deliveries during break time, they already know and will bust your butt for it. (One they don't worry about, figuring a customer walks up to you while on break)
    At the end of the day, everything is so nailed down with technology these days, you're not going to get away with anything, so don't try. As for the full hour break guys, my babysitting the truck an extra half hour a day isn't going to force them to add on routes and get you a driving job. It's just going to make your wife and kids miss you that much more when you finally get one--and the company won't care.
  17. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    I don't understand this. what your center's disposition geographic nature and density?
    rural routes, drivers usually dr. Anything else is stealing time in my experience, and I would agree with that, unless special instructions on pkg (sig required, no DR / claims, and etc)
    'Hood routes, sigs on all.
    Are you saying drivers steal time? may be the question. ;) I personally would never DR something that if I myself were living there, would want it dr'd. ;)
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    Where is WILLIAM PENNSYLVANIA anyhow?
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    Think I saw him over at the bar.
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    this happened years ago in our center and the center manager said he would fire the driver because he worked off the clock,not following instructions.needless to say he only said this about the grieved party but looked the other way as long as no one complained.