Pak Mail owners cannot get ahold of UPS rep.

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    On Monday I received a message telling me that one of my pick up accounts was suspended. After looking at the address, I sent back the message, "are you sure that you don't want me to pick up my Pak Mail?" A little while later I was sent the message, "go ahead and pick them up for the rest of the week, per center manager.

    Today I spoke with the Pak Mail owners who told me that their rep suspended their account because she was mad at them and not over a payment dispute. They said the rep keeps calling and leaving messages as to their whereabouts and how they need to be there when she calls. They have been having ongoing trouble with this rep and have tried to call UPS to straighten out the problem, to no avail. The rep called and said she would not be available to talk to them till 12:15pm west coast time on Tuesday Nov. 18th.

    Granted, I only have one side of the story, but this is really upsetting. I told them that they should call the corporate office in Atlanta as someone mentioned to a customer on here one day. I couldn't find that thread, not that I tried too hard.

    Anyways, what course of action do you think these people should take? This customer used to be a UPSer, btw.
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    Steve, welcome back.

    Your customer should try to resolve this at the lowest level possible so I would have them start with your center manager. It sounds like he has good business sense since he is the one who told you to continue to make the P/U.

    If this doesn't resolve the issue, call the PCA hotline (sorry, I don't have that number but you should be able to get if from you center team.) This is a team that works with preferred customers and is much more effective than simply calling the toll free.

    If both of these fail I would go to your district next, and then the division and then Atlanta.
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    Steve, I would hope you have at least 1 good OMS in your building. Have him or her get involved. I found out that a lot of times they have better contacts in BD than the Manager or Sups.
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    good for you for actually caring and trying to make this right. I don't know that I would even try. I just WAD.
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    I have lost sevreal accounts because the customer did not like their account rep, and ups would not change them. but woooooow if the customer says they want a new driver ups has no problem throwing us under the bus! Have them call atlanta! Screw going at it through the low level, remember the customer is always right! We the drivers are told this every time we fill out the delivery notice and leave it on the door, but never ring or knock! lol
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    I have seen a "keep the volume" sticker in many older P1000's with and 800 number for "customers at risk", maybe try that.
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    Is his name Larry?
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    Steve, I sent you a PM, but the people calling were likely from the Visalia Billing Site. There wouldn't be an account representative on the West Coast. They are calling to collect, not to service the account. There would be somebody else from BD either local or at another site that they can talk to in order to resolve the issues.

    As for changing account reps, if there is a big enough issue (A customer diverting would be one) they can be assigned to somebody else.
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    Thanks for all the helpful info and the PM's. I knew you would all come through with some helpful info.

    Hey upstate, where'd I go that you said welcome back?
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    Do you know how many push-ups I had to do for this hat? It was well worth it too, as I never wear hats and it really kept the sun out of my face.
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    What's it say? I can see the 'guard' but can't read what's above it.
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    Steve, is there any way you could post more pictures of yourself?
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