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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by spidey, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. spidey

    spidey Guest

    We were emailed yesterday that as of that moment we were not allowed any overtime unless covering a vacationing or illness. After the paycut last year losing this 5 hours or so a week effectively starves my family to death, and it's going to make doing my job almost impossible. With all the new systems in place and the older employees that won't take on the workload we are lucky to get our normal tasks done, Kasey help us if a customer or driver actually needs our assistance.

    I guess my question is if part time management in other centers and districts are being told this, or if it's just our center manager's hot topic of the day.
  2. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    was told that right after peak.
    5.5 hours then they want us out.
    Cool, I thought, so I enrolled in a class that was 5 minutes away, and started at 9:30.
    Day starts at 3:30, no problem.
    By mid term I had to drop the class due to rarely ever making it on time, and with the instructors deducting points off your final for any late or missed class after 3, there was no way since we were so short handed.

    Now we have, most days anyway, a full crew, so
    I pretty much do my job and book right at or just passed my 5.5 hours.

    Being part time, could'nt you find another p/t job?
    Wife and I have a small business, and on slow days, I help out a friend with an irrigation business.
    Am also tempted to talk to another buddy, who I saw saturday about employment.
    $10. an hour, plus health benefits for cutting grass. Sounds like work I know, but normal hours, and no corporate/union b.s. plus a good tan.
  3. spidey

    spidey Guest

    Single mom, can't give up the job because of the medical. I can't get a 2nd job because I have to be available to cover the vacations and illnesses of other part timers. Quite a few other reasons, but it all boils down to being at their whim. We were also told no ot after 5.5 after peak, but now we've been told it's set in stone. I take a deep breath before walking in the door each afternoon. Every few days they change my hours, lower my pay, add new responsibilities or change something that adds more time to my day. I flinch when I'm addressed by my center manager, I never know what the next thing is going to be.
  4. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    Completely understand the deep breath before work.
    I had one of my better guys ask me yesterday if i was ok. Said I seemed differnt and thought I was getting hammered by our center manager.
    then a few hours later, was asked by our splitter if I was going to lose it and go postal soon.
    I asked why she would ask that, and she said I have an abnormal look in my eyes
    Just the everyday stress of the UPS job, tax time at our small business, my wife also just started selling real estate and has left a ton of the paperwork at our business for me to do, so i am in dire need of a few days off after April 15th.

    Hang in there, and good luck with everything.
  5. spidey

    spidey Guest

    Thanks Mojo. I'm trying to let it go, there isn't anything to be done except try to work a little faster and leave it at the door so the hour a day I have with my family isn't ruined by my stress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the no ot policy is just flavor of the week. The truely sad part is that I really, really love my work. I'm not looking forward to being a welfare mother just so I can stay there.
  6. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    "The truely sad part is that I really, really love my work."
    You did say you were a part time sup. right?

    just kiddin, its only a small % of the people there that make it a miserable place to work on occasion.
  7. spidey

    spidey Guest

    I'm an OMS. I have the honor of being hero, sister, mother and friend to 45 of the world's greatest drivers and their customers.

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  8. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Guest

    In our building the OMS's run the show. We have both good and bad here.
    Full time supervisors? We are down to one on road supervisor. One just retired and our preload sup was never replaced a few years ago.
    The OMS staff here are hammered on a daily basis by drivers that can not get a full time supervisor to decide about problems. They are being used as a "shield" by the full time supes that sit above them.
    There is a "temp" OMS here that was just brought in to help-but what is the incentive for that? The last two temps were not hired.
    The OMS's here are also yelled at to get off the clock, yet they are told that their work MUST be done whether they are on the clock or not to do it.
    Do you want the Teamsters to organize you? Your job is ripe for a union!
  9. bisongolfer

    bisongolfer Guest

    AMEN! I'm relatively new to the whole OMS position, one month, but it is ridiculous. We have to deal with angry and sometimes grossly ignorant customers, idiots from PCA groups and the 800#, drivers who are lazy (not all, but a few)-everyday I spend atleast 2 hours arguing with 2 drivers about who gets an OCA assignment, only to have the original driver assigned getting it. And then you have those who always need help and aren't making 9/5. And the ones crying for help role in at 5:30 as I'm leaving, go figure. Answering 6 phone lines, being the messenger for drivers about where to go for lunch, trying to get misloads moved and delivered, answering to customer concerns, address corrections, pretending to be on-road sups because the real ones don't want to be cursed out,will call and same day will calls, customers who want to meet the driver cause their life depends on them getting their pkg now! (amazing how important a pkg gets all of a sudden when it's about to be RTS'd) hmm...did I forget anything? Oh yeah, I have not yet once left on time, and I'm not being paid OT. Go figure!
  10. casey_in_ks

    casey_in_ks Guest

    How much DO part time supervisors get paid? None of my business... just curious... [​IMG]
  11. spidey

    spidey Guest

    OMS's usually start around $1250 a month. I've heard less in other areas. I know some pt Sups making less and some making more. I'm making a little more than that, but even with the overtime my kids still qualified for reduced lunches. Now with ot gone they'll be free! Whoo Hoo! This is what I've worked so hard for and cared so much about.... Word trickled through the grapevine today that the no OT hammer came down from Finance. When they started PTRS the were shocked at the increase that they were paying part time mngmt in overtime. The reason for this was that before PTRS many many centers (not mine, we were always paid) weren't compensating for overtime; most part timers were working for free, some almost twice their scheduled hours. When PTRS started tracking hours, they started to have to pay. Solution? Cut us off at the knees. I'm never going to get everything done, and if I walk off at 5.5, only the drivers and customers will suffer. I wish that didn't matter to me. Can you comprehend how humiliating it is to apply for food stamps with UPS listed as your employer? God, I just want to cry.
  12. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    spidey, i became a p/t sup feb 04.
    Was told it was a 5.5 hour day, but on occasion I ould work 6 or so hours.
    A few other p/t sups told me to expect to work 7, 8 or 9 hours and get paid for 5.5.
    I run a small business, and no way in he.. was I working for free. They told me our f/t'ers expected it, and would frown upon me if I didn't do it.
    Never worked more then 6 hours before the PTRS system.
    We have almost a completely new management team now, and there is still one guy who tries to get us to run packages out etc., the new center manager though won't allow it, tells them it is not our job.
  13. proups

    proups Guest

    spidey: just curious - before PTRS, were you being compensated for working over 5.5?
  14. spidey

    spidey Guest

    Yes, we were. We submitted and extra work form to our center manager. That was back when we were paid mothly, and if submitted by the 10th it was on the check the 26th.
  15. cv_oms

    cv_oms Guest

    I have been an OMS for almost 7 years, and here in Ca there was a class action lawsuit from part time supes about 3-4 years ago, before that i would wold anywhere from 7-9 hours a day, My manager at the time would not pay overtime, but would allow me to schedule extra days off to compesate for the extra hours worked.

    Now with PTRS, no more overtime, I cannot work over 5.5 hours without prior approval by the division manager. this last peak season was the easiest I have ever had at UPS, only 5.5 hours per day,
  16. toonertoo

    toonertoo Guest

    When I got out of PT supervision, I was making 1875.00 pm, that was almost 13 yrs ago. I was one for 6 yrs, I started at 1250.00. My managers were very generous at raise time, I thought. I was making more pt than most many people made FT. And I had two boys and was a single mother, and I never got overtime pay. I had an afternoon job, and usually except at peak got off in time to pick up my kids from school and go to the other job. I just had to find one that gave me the leeway timewise to do it,in case I had to work really long day. And once the kids could be trusted to stay alone, and I didnt need a sitter, it helped alot. Just tell them you gotta go, your 5.5 is up, I know you hate to let people down, but you have to take care of Number 1. No one will appreciate you until you arent there, then the OT will come back. Get to your life, and screw the guilt that comes from leaving things hanging. You can only do so much in 5.5, and if thats all they want to pay you for, CYA. You will hurt no one but yourself by working for free. UPS will continue to operate when you go home.
  17. over9five

    over9five Guest

    Agree with Tooner 100%. Don't work for free. No matter what anyone says, everything WILL get done. If UPS needed you to work after your 5.5, they'd PAY you for it!
    You obviously care a lot, and we need people like you. Don't get burnt out and fed up!
  18. Have worked preload for 1 yr and about to get p/t sup position.I work for health and retirement benefits only. However time is money, and the time I work the next 20 yrs seem like they would be better as p/t sup. However I do not know what the salary is and is it negotiable? Is the salary based on 5.5 hrs a day and you get hrly or overtime after 5.5? How are the pay raises structured? Do you receive free stock and or pension? How good is the health insurance for a family and what is my cost? It seems that most p/t sups are college kids, I've been out of college for 20 yrs. I have a profitable business that I own and manage employees everyday.Everyone tells me to stay out of management but the way I see it is 20 yrs down the road my position at retirement would be better as p/t sup. If anybody has any answers for me plz let me know.
  19. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    here goes:
    However I do not know what the salary is and is it negotiable?
    Supposed to be. LEt it be known when you sit down with the DM.

    Is the salary based on 5.5 hrs a day and you get hrly or overtime after 5.5?
    We get "Premium Pay" from 5.5 to 8, OT 8-12, and never seen it, but double time after 12.
    Premium is supposed to be 10% more of what your base breaks down to hourly, though I don't always agree with the math.

    How are the pay raises structured?
    Not sure.

    Do you receive free stock and or pension?
    Stock purchased at a discounted price, 3% 401k match, and unsure about the pension.

    How good is the health insurance for a family and what is my cost?
    My main reason for sticking around, YES health ins is good, and cost is next to nothing(for me 39.00 a month) depending on which of the 3 options you choose.

    I am no college kid either, and also own a business, though only a surviving one. I think our experience actually helps, mainly because if your like myself, we treat people with respect because of our outside influence(not brought up in the brown). Not that it always works, but I think most appreciate being treated like people, and not just another body filling a role.

    As for being told to stay out, it is not all fun and sun, by no stretch of the imagination. my advice, if you run a business, you can do this, just be prepared to be frustrated from time to time.

    Good Luck to you.
  20. toonertoo

    toonertoo Guest

    I just think it is a shame that UPS doesnt treat their Pt mgmt people better. The ones here are so committed, and they abuse them because of it. It makes me want to cry to see them all try so hard, they are smart, hard working and usually well liked and it doesnt do them a damn bit of good, unless they have the right management in place full time. The ones who will pull them along and stick up for them instead of use them up, and leave them behind.
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