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  1. Jim Kemp

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    Our center has now been on pass for a few months now.
    One question; When does the stupidity end? They said it would tighten routes and make everyone more efficient. We now have drivers running all over each other making stops across the street from each other. We get splits that are not near our routes. Drivers with 25 stops in a neighborhood and another driver with one or two in the same neighborhood who needs to drive several miles off his area to make them.
    They will load a school as stop number 140,unless you can del 139 stops before 2.30 you will miss it.
    When we down load EDD in the morning we all just need to laugh at the stupidity when we compare what they have done.

    Another thing , the load is much worse with pass than before. They will have 50 stops hammered in on section and an empty shelf in another section.

    Every day after I del. my air I find a place and reload the entire truck.
    I have tried to del like pass has it loaded and I spend a lot of time digging looking for packages that are in the wrong section. Why if the "ABC" company has five packages are the loaded in many different places.

    I have tried to talk to the sups about it and they could care less. They say they care but they continue to do the same thing day after day.

    Does it ever get any better???????????????????
  2. Dagoof

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    One word NO!!!!
  3. Jim Kemp

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    That's encouraging.
  4. Baba gounj

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    This is UPS, all logic ends at the guard shack. You have been warned.
  5. Dagoof

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    What if its a small center and there is no guard shack?
  6. laborer

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    We've been on it for 5 or 6 years now and things have not changed, in fact it has recently gotten even worse with a dispatcher change. This could be a great tool for drivers and management alike if driver area knowledge was utilized but as we all know big brown knows best.

    We were told from the start to give our imput but almost every time the response was, "I'll check into it" or "We can't change that." Most have given up trying to get things changed since you usually get brushed off with "we can't do that".

    If your management team is willing to listen to you, routes can be setup to almost a perfect trace if not you will get 85 stops loaded in sec 8 like I had last week. Good Luck
  7. Dagoof

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    I was able to go in for a week to help fix 5 routes. They put a cover driver on mine while I did it. After I was done trace was perfect for 2 weeks. Then it all went back to the way it was before. Sorry but I cant say anything positive
  8. helenofcalifornia

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    You get out of PAS what you put into it. (It was posted by another member that PAS is the abbreviation for "Paycheck Assist System." So true!) My experience was much the same as yours for the first month or so. I started doing the needed corrections to the route by giving the changes to the dispatch supe. It took her a week or so to make the changes, but after awhile, it was OK. Or I just got used to looking for that final package, or just putting "not found in load."

    I would much rather have this system than the way it was before. But I have a high threshold for chaos too.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    We've had it for 5-6 years as well.


    It takes a good 2-3 years for all the quirks to be worked out. Just keep going over 10 until they fix it. Once they fix the individual routes, here's the fun part, you get to see your whole town all week because you will have a different split on your car depending on who has an 8 hour day.

    Then the sad part comes, they give everyone a 9.5 planned day to take out as many routes as possible. They then pummel you with safety methods, telematics, OJS rides so that you can work like a robot.

    FINALLY, you end up on comp like everyone else because the human body is not a robot. I wish I was kidding about this last one. We have 8-9 guys on comp this minute. I HAVE NEVER seen that many in this center in 5 years. If UPS doesn't drop it down a gear, 30 year retirements will never happen, because you will have a new hip after 20.
  10. brownmonster

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    3 years in. I make alot of money driving around in circles.
  11. ups1990

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    Remember to take off pal labels on all clerk packages, if not, you might seem them the next day.

    Plan on your stop count and miles to go up.
  12. helenofcalifornia

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    And that is a fact! Stops will go up, mileage will go up and paychecks will increase.
  13. trplnkl

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    The only thing that doesn't go up is the amount of time you get to spend away from work. You know, living you life.
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    Maybe the fact that you can't properly abbreviate Preload Assist System (PAS, not Pass), is a clue that it's not the system, *****
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    OK Super Supe, I'll bite, what does JA stand for? I am thinking Jews Anonymous or Jack Ass, or Jerk Alert, etc. (Super Supe is kinda like Flava Flav! I hope you have better teeth)
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    I'm not an Anti-semite, and Jerk is a meat flavor.
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    Maybe he was talking about passover?
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    Well SuperSup,congratulations,you've graced us with 50 posts.We are all a lot better off to be blessed with your well thought out,insightful gems of infinate wisdom.It took me awhile,but I figured out your little acronym riddle.JA describes a person that finds pleasure in demeaning others.A Junior Achiever.I look forward to more of you upbeat posts,unless a mod decides (God forbid)they've had enough and bans you altogether.
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