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    That sounds like it is for drivers who run under, the union members vote to have one or not, even though it doesn't specify that.

    Every year there is an outcry over this, so I'm sure it has been hashed out somewhere.

    We have the same language in the central

    Section 10 There will be no newly implemented incentive plans or bonus plans unless approved by the affected employees and the Union. Current plans will remain in effect unless grieved by the majority of the employees involved and approved by the Joint Area Committee:
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    How did the grievance turn out?
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    Are your objections purely about the principle of contract enforcement? Or are you concerned that the bonuses are being applied unevenly? Either way I understand. But maybe I can give you a different perspective. Contract enforcement has economic costs. The union has every right to decide which grievances they will pursue. In this particular situation, no one is being negatively effected compared to where they were before the bonuses, it's just some are benefiting more than others. If you had to choose between spending money fighting this issue, or, say, safety or seniority violations, which would you choose?

    As far as the contract language, the section title has bearing on the language in the section, people don't seem to realize that. The section is about "Incentive Plans-Bonus", not incentive plans and all other bonuses. Incentive plans are production bonuses. When you read the rest of the section, you have to keep in mind what the section is specifically referring to, which is set forth by the heading.

    Just some food for thought.
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    Good to know. Thanks!
  5. Some of the other builds was paying more than that.
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    Is this documented somewhere that I should be able to see / find it? Or, is it a "word of mouth" type thing? I suppose I could ask HR about it, but if mum is the word, then I know how that conversation will go before I even have it.....
  7. They advertise it here but it's only for seasonal employees
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    Gotcha. I'm not seasonal. So, if it's true that the "incentives" only apply to seasonal folks, I'm SOL anyway. Granted, I get benefits and seasonals don't, so I guess it balances out.
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    This is the 3rd year UPS has given bonuses. The last time they gave out bonuses was peak 2017 all the way till January 2019. That's right, about 13 months of weekly bonuses for those who were hired for peak 2018! Why should it be acceptable for a new hire to make more than an employee with 10+ years that PAYS a union to make sure we ALL get equal rights. This type of behavior will continue if something isn't done.
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  11. The contract says minimum pay for employees, they can't do a dang in thing if the company wants to pay more
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    UPS must do something to get seasonals in. Without bonus incentives, the very low pay, erratic scheduling/hours and miserable working conditions, what incentive is there??

    Non-union Amazon pays more, better working conditions with benefits right away.

    Thanks Teamsters
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    Well the company had two options then, during the recent contract they could have put an even higher starting wage to stay competitive in the job market, or they can give bonuses to all employees during peak season.
  14. We finally got a contract with higher starting wages, something we never had before
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    I'm sure ups's guys were pushing for higher wages, and our guys shut em down.. (Sarcasm)
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    I think about this every time our hub turns into a :censored2: show due to management trying to make numbers look good. Hopefully once peak ends, operations will go back to normal...IE how they were in August and September (I can only reference those months as I started in August).
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    Like I said, I understand where you are coming from. For me, it was being in the group of drivers who were the first to get hired under the 4 year progression, after waiting 7 years to go driving, only to have the progression rates bumped way up right after finishing progression. And almost every driver hired after me has only had to wait a couple years at most. Over the course of my career, all other things equal, I am behind everyone who went before and is coming after me by anywhere from $20k to over $100k. I'm not happy about it, but there's not much I can do.

    Your's might be an issue where you could get enough other part timers who are getting shafted to start filing grievances every single week. The lack of catch up pay for senior part timers was one of the reasons I voted no on this last contract, so by all means, go after what you can get.
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    Correction. Something we have never had in over 35 years. Before Starting wages went up every 2 years with a new contract. Maybe some of the old times can confirm this.
  19. It's been a long time. It was stuck in $8 forever went$10 in 2013
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    Aren't you one of the oldest on here?