Pick off to yard shifter concerns

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    I'm currently a pick off, I was offered the yard shifter/mule job. Just curious if there's an increase of pay rate or will I keep the rate I currently have? Is the job easy? I understand it takes time to accommodate to new environments & skills. Any tips/advice?
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    Can you back a trailer?
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    I have past expirience with bobtails
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    Turn the wheel to the right, the end of the trailer goes to the left.
    Turn the wheel to the left, the end of the trailer goes to the right.
    Don't hit anything and you'll be okay.
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    35+ an hour shifting
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    That can vary by local but yes, some locals do pay 22.3 shifters top driver pay.
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    Not on a 22.3 job.
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    Is it easy? Easier for me than for you because I've been backing up for awhile. But I learned how to do it and you can too. Thing is , you never stop learning or refining your craft when backing up. Everyone you see shifting or driving was once new just like you with the same concerns.

    You and I, well you especially, need to pay attention to the hole you are backing into and the trailer you are handling as well as what is around you( obstacles around you such as trailers, other vehicles, the outside contractors driving around on property, etc.

    Tip: when backing up especially at a 90 degree angle, pay attention to what trailer is next to the hole you are backing into. You might be 70 feet away from the hole you passed by and lost sight of it and not sure where it is but if you saw it was next to that white trailer that you can still see, then you can wrap around that white trailer and as you do the hole comes into sight. Double check trailer assignments and door assignments before pulling trailers . You wouldn't be the first driver to pull the wrong trailer off the wrong bay causing a roller belt to fall as well as taking some hub workers for a ride, but you don't want that to happen to you because you didn't double check.

    Don't be the idiot wearing ear buds in both ears while shifting. It really causes you to stay in your own bubble and not as aware of what is going on around you. That much being said, have a radio in the shifter, it can help pass the time away but make sure you easily lower the volume or mute it when you need to concentrate or need to hear if your trailer is scraping another trailer on the blind side or someone yelling to stop for whatever reason(packages falling).

    I don't know about the pay but I bet you might be able to transition from the 22.3 job to a feeder position, we can where I am at. Then you would have full rate at some point and if you don't want to be a road warrior, you can probably be able to bid full shifting jobs especially at night but that might depend on the size of your hub.

    I would call this job paid training , what are you waiting for ?
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    it's a step up in the right direction.