Planning wil be the key to protecting yourself against Teamcare.. think about it.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Other Side, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Now that its apparent that the IBT has no intention of protecting our healthcare and forcing us into Teamcare no matter what, it's time for members in the West to consider making some changes to the way they pay for healthcare.

    Seeing that either the C6 Teamcare or West Coast plan will surely contain large out of pocket expenses, Members should really invest the time to consider a "flex spending account" at UPS.

    A "flex spending account" is money that is taken out of your check "tax free" each week and placed into a saving account for you to use when you have medical expenses. When you get a bill, you pay it and then submit the bill to the company and they send you a check.

    This money is tax free money and can save you thousands of dollars each year if you do it smartly. You really have to consider your circumstances carefully to determine how much to have withdrawn from your check each week.

    If you have a chronically ill wife or child that requires multiple prescriptions each month, you may want to have $300.00 taken out of your check monthly. That's $75 dollars a week. Under teamcare, you will have to pay 10% or $50 bucks for a prescription. Drugs are not cheap in the USA and you could rack up $200 bucks in no time.

    Additionally, having money deducted from your check "pretax" lowers the amount of gross income that gets taxed.

    These kinds of accounts have open enrollment periods, so discussing this with your HR representative at UPS is something you should do right away to prepare for January 1st 2014.

    Using money that has not been "taxed" on healthcare costs is the best way to protect yourself from the costs of Teamcare or any plan that "mirrors" the Teamcare coverage as called for in the MOU.

    Flex spending account money can also be used to pay for daycare costs. Some plans will require a separate setup for daycare but your HR rep can explain that better.

    Also, some plans carry a "use it or lose it" clause so planning is something you have to take seriously.

    Think about it.


  2. brownmonster

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    Been doing this for years but through my wife's employer. 3 grand a year.
  3. cynic

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    I didn't hear a fat lady sing yet...
  4. kingOFchester

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    100% if you use mail order. I have no clue why anyone would not use mail order.
  5. cynic

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    Are we now speaking of Teamcare as if it is a reality? Seems premature.
  6. kingOFchester

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    No, just talking likely hood. I can see UPS doing a lockout before I can see changes to the master. But I really have no basis for that thought.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Same here, but just $2,500. It's a great deal for us, they front load a debit card, then deduct it out of her paycheck every pay period. Worked out great for getting my daughters braces.
  8. jumpman23

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    You can thank all the idiots that voted yes on the master for the move to teamcare, just sayin.
  9. The Other Side

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    Idiots yes, but nonetheless, we have to start planning for next years switch to teamcare in the west. Open enrollment is limited for "flex spending accounts", so preparing now will be the key to protecting your future.

    Waiting until the last minute will not help you.

    The IBT has made it clear, and short of a strike, they have no intention of renegotiating the master agreement to protect west coast members.

    Saving money tax free isnt a joke. Its a protection we cant ignore.


  10. cynic

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    And pray the next vote on the riders is an overwhelming "No". Anything to avoid TeamCare.
  11. jumpman23

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    All the union reps lied and said healthcare wasnt going to change. I tried to tell all the numbnutts that it was going to change. Everybody needs to keep their fingers crossed that maybe teamcare will be comparably close to what we have now. Could be possible, im not saying it cant be. You never know. Trying to keep wishful thinking thats all lol.
  12. Anonymous 10

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    I can't wait to welcome you into the teamcare family.
  13. Delivered

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    UPS's FSA currently is "use it or lose it". I used it one year $2,500 for Lasik worked like a charm. HSA (health savings acct) usually is yours for life, that way you can't save too much
  14. RealPerson

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    So, I thought the PTers in UPS plan being moved to CS plan were going to get the C-6 enhanced? Meaning what the current C-6 (people already in CS) have that ISN't covered, UPS was going to pick up the difference?

    Is this Not true???
  15. The Other Side

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    Thats good information. For those in the West/Southwest, you need to consider these savings plans for next year. Believe me, there isnt going to be anything better coming down the road.

    We are screwed and we have to plan for it.


  16. Griff

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    Couple buildings in the philly area are already talking like they are ready for a pocket strike if need be. They have no intention of voting yes for anything less than what they have in regards to healthcare.

    ​I really doubt the company is going to budge since the master passed. This could get ugly.

    Hoffa and hall shouldn't even bother running for re-election. They showed their true colors and that color is brown (and green). They are totally out of touch with the rank in file, time to get thrown out. What a disgrace this guy Hoffa is to his father's surname.
  17. Bagels

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    PTers in company-controlled plans currently have access to HSA, but they're also "use it or lose it." In contrast, management in company-controlled plans rolls over IIRC.

    No offense, TOS, but planning is the key to protecting yourself against ANY insurance. Most people know what illnesses regularly affect them & their families, and should know which medications/remedies are best for treating such illnesses and keep their medicine cabinet stocked with them. (Hint: medications have finite shelf-lives, thus seasonally medications are heavily discounted at the end of the season.) For example, you should recognize the symptoms of cold/flu/allergies and address the condition appropriately. You should NEVER go to the E.R. just because your kid sneezed. E.R. visits are costly... when I wrote this before, I was criticized with 'how dare you tell me when I should/should not go...' .... but for those of us who may be stuck here for 30 more years, we want to enjoy continued "free"/low-cost health care, and we certainly don't want to be paying for your ignorance. I support escalators in TEAMCare because it's just enough to make you think twice. Of course, it's still cheaper than the pre-2008 insurance.
  18. The Other Side

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    No offense taken, however, for us in the west, we have never had to pay the kind of out of pockets expenses that the Teamcare plan will bring to us.

    The members out here havent the first clue how much money per month they will end up having to shell out, so its time to change the dialog to preparation.

    We are used to 5 dollar prescriptions, or nothing for prescriptions. We are used to 100 bucks for a hospital visit. Now, we are going to be faced with large out of pocket costs and we have to plan accordingly. This is something we havent had to do in the west until now that the IBT has given away our healthcare coverage.

    While you are correct in saying that protecting yourself in ANY insurance is a good idea, we never had to out here.

    There is nothing wrong in preparation. The IBT has the full intention of screwing us in the West/Southwest with teamcare or a plan that mirrors Teamcare C6 and now we have to change our mindsets.

    This is going to require members in the west to sit down and forecast medical expenses the best they can. Calculate an approximation of costs and then establish a deduction weekly to cover those costs.

    At UPS, Aetna runs the Flexible Spending Accounts.

    There is a minimum deduction of $50 bucks a week and open enrollment is a very small window that runs from September 30th to October 18th. Aetna provides direct deposits to reimburse costs. It is a "use it or lose it" program, so planning is very important.

    In order to begin the Flexible Savings program at UPS, you must call this number directly (800) 877-1508. UPS HR at the Hub levels cannot start the program for you.

    Hopefully, members start to take this a little more seriously and make a plan to protect themselves and family.


  19. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    You have slightly different payouts than our current company-controlled plan. In its previous (pre-2008) incarnation as a traditional 80/20 plan, it was so expensive for me (I was in my late teens/early 20s and not making much bank) to use that I tended the county health clinic instead.

    I don't know what the minimum contribution to the HSA will be -- currently, I deposit $5/week. In addition to paying for those $10 co-pays to the doctors, it also takes care of over-the-counter medicine purchased at the supermarket or drug store. Well worth it IMO, and something to consider for even the young PTers.

    When open enrollment takes place, I believe there's an online option as well -- important to some of us who hate the prospects of making a phone call.
  20. Inthegame

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    Maybe if the West had done a few of these things, the rest of the country wouldn't be moving to Teamcare...