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That was something that I found funny while we did a job in DC. NEarly every night the helicopter would fly overhead to the naval observitory, and the motor cycle escort would run down the street the same way.

Those side cars, they do have weapons of mass destruction in them dont they?

You all handle motorcades fairly well in DC. Saw more cops of many different departments....Its a wonder more of them dont shoot each other.

Very interesting place to visit, would not want to live there though.



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Guess now that the Pope is in the US, jokes are coming in hot and heavy...

Here's one I heard recently....

A limousine driver picks the Pope up at the airport. The Pope tells the limousine driver in the Vatican City he never gets to drive and wonders if he could drive for a few blocks. The limo drivers says ok and the Pope gets in the driver seat and proceeds to drive a hundred miles an hour. The limo passes a couple of motorcycle cops and one of them says "I don't care who it is I'm giving that driver a ticket!".

After pulling the limo over the other cop notices the first cop returning and putting his ticket book back in its holder. The cop says what happened? The cop says this guy is too big to written a ticket. He says why? is he the Mayor? No...the Governor? No......Then the first cop says I don't know who he is but he's got the Pope as his driver!!


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I was listening to my radio during the preload yesterday morning and on Big 100.3 they were saying that people were scalping tickets to see the Pope. Only in America!


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I wonder if all the hubs in the DC area are getting all spiffed up so the Pope can tour them and have coffee and donuts.


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PLease have the POPE contact his -BOSS -!! and have HIM let James Casey know what these morons are doing to his beloved UNITED PARCEL SERVICE.... I'm sure he would be pissed !!!!!!!
I'm so sorry ( really not trying to be irreverent here) but everytime I see the title of this thread...POOP in DC rings thru my head.
He's a dip:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: anyway, always has been always will be. And he just aint that funny.

My post has nothing to do with my feelings about the Pope, it has to do with my instant mind reaction to the words not their actual meaning.