Post Office losing DHL deliveries

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BigBrownSanta, Aug 30, 2008.

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    While I was delivering to the Post Office yesterday, the Postmaster asked me if UPS was also going to pull our basic service drops. He said that the German government was PO'd at the US for something that happened at the Olympics and that DHL was going to stop delivering to the Post Office. Has anyone else heard anything about this?
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    LMAO. I'm thinking the DHL guy may have a sense of humor.
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    I'm still convinced that dropping UPS packages off at the USPS so that they can deliver them is subcontracting. The problem we have here is that the rural routes can't always make it to the USPS offices on time because they close so early. Many of our rural drivers will just go ahead and deliver them to the actual addresses when that happens.
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    From my understanding dhl is getting out of the residential market as of september 1st. This could be the reason for pulling away from usps.

    Here in chicago dhl is doing its best to upset customers like dell, nordstrom etc, by either not picking them up everyday or leaving their deliveries in the facilities and not delivering them on time.
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    That reminds me of what happened to UPS during the Sydney Olympics; UPS was the offical shipping carrier yet DHL was chosen to deliver the event tickets. Next thing that happened was all our cars & trucks required a new paint job.:happy-very:
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    The USPS on my route that gets UPS Basic deliveries refuses them all. I was told by their supervisor that since it's a satelite office that they will not accept the packages and they should be delivered to the main post office in our town. I wasn't on this route when the last batch of Harry Potter books came in but I understand that they tried to refuse all 200 plus books. UPS Corporate got involved with that one and they did take the books for delivery. They get around 2 or 3 packages a week here and it's a free "refused" stop for me.
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    There still not supposed to refuse them. but that's their problem. I'd sheet them as refused THEN have ECS, RTS them.

    It won't take much of that before they understand it's a contract that both sides agreed to. Satelite, independent USPS or not.
  8. I hate to destroy a perfectly good rumor but the truth of the matter is that DHL, as of yesterday (8/29/08) no longer offers what they called their "At Home" product. At Home was a discounted shipping option (cheaper than even their ground rates) available to large shippers like and others. This service involved DHL picking up in bulk from a large shipper and transporting the product through their system to the correct post office indicated by zip code for final delivery by the PO. They are losing money on this as well as their ground service because DHL doesn't have a ground transportation network like UPS and therefore all of their freight travels by air. This change is just part of a much larger restructuring process that will be ongoing for the next 12-18 months. Just thought you'd like to know...
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    Thanks for the update maybe if dhl actually bought trucks to deliver packages out of they could grow in the ground business. Its hard to grow that business when you drive the same vehicle alot of our wives drives, mini vans. those vans couldnt even fit some of out pottery barn boxes. Just sounds like bad planning on the german front again!
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    Hell, a lot of their trucks would fit inside our trucks.:happy-very:
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    Sounds like a good motivational poster for sales leads, UPS truck delivering a DHL truck to a used car lot.
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    To the shredder would be better.
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    I guess I should have researched before I posted. I was told that the 50 point loss of the German basketball team to the US team angered some of the Germans, but upon further investigation, it appears that the German team got whooped by just about every team they played. LOL.

    Anyways, it looks like a good sales lead opportunity for those of you who submit sales leads.
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    I also have many issues with the Basic service, to include the word "service". What level of service are we providing when we delay delivery to the consignee by at least one day? The pkg has to go to the P.O. and, by the time we get there, the rural carriers have already left, which means that the pkg won't get delivered until the following day.

    When I had my rural route, I would actually drive by the consginee's house to deliver the pkg to the P.O. only to have the carrier deliver the pkg the following day to the house that I just drove by.

    We have been instructed that we are not to deliver these pkgs directly to the consignee but that they must go to the P.O. Just curious, are these drivers deleting these pkgs from EDD and then F4 when they make the delivery? How do they explain the missed delivery scan? Big Arrow is right in that Post Offices in these smaller communities have varied hours of operation so we sometimes get there too early or too late to deliver them. I used to actually put the smaller pkgs in to the mail box, which was met with mixed reactions from the Post Master of that town(s), and would DR and then type in Mail Box.

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    Our entire company could fit inside their parent companies' mouth.
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    We can do that? I deliver a rural rte occasionally and it can be difficult to get to the PO on time.
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    We have been told not to. Though we were told that USPS has been notified and agreed that leaving them in the Postal box is acceptable due to those reasons.

    Yet they do have to fit.
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    P.O. is a commercial address. Don't you need a signature?
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    Technically, I think that could be perverted into a misdelivery...

    I would do the right thing. I would break route to make the P.O. before it closed. If I couldn't get to the P.O. before it closed, the package would be missed.