Postman said they were "browning up" on Sundays...

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    Clearly this guy had his head way up his keister, but I'm trying to figure out where he got this idea. I assume he was referring to the post office delivering sure post packages on Sundays, but he was adamant that they would be wearing UPS uniforms. I know this would never actually happen, for a lot of reasons, I'm just wondering what made him think that. Is it some rumor making the rounds at the PO? If so, I will be happy to explain to anyone why such rumors couldn't be true.
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    UPS did officially announce they were planning to start Sunday deliveries; maybe he just interpreted that wrong.
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    They going to drive the brown trucks, too?
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    This your carriers first day on the job? We have enough of our own uniform regulations to have to worry about yours as well :wink-very:.
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    Its like that FedUp partnership we've heard about for years.
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    Where is the draft order
  7. Wrong thread.....
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