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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Hazard O'Toole, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Hazard O'Toole

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    Longtime follower of the site, first time poster! This site has helped me find the answers to a lot of questions I have had dealing with UPS. That is why I am asking for your insight!

    I am specifically looking for information on how single parents with children have dealt with child care/babysitting on the Preload hours.
    Without a significant other to stay home while you leave to go to work or not having family in your state to assist in any way, it is very difficult to depend on someone to wake up everyday and open their door at 3am for you.
    It is also difficult to find, let alone pay for a legitimate child care provider on the part time hours we receive. If the single parent works a second job, they must pay more for child care and be away from their children 10+ hours as well!

    I'd just like some tips, options, opinions, experiences.
  2. PT Car Washer

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    Seems it would be easier to drop the kid off in the evening and pick him up in the morning. Or maybe get a room mate you could trust. Not very good answers I agree.
  3. Holydriver

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    Child care is my problem too. And paying is hard. I'm lucky to live in an area with lots of immigrants that will accept say $5 an hour. Now I pay $10 an hour. Check out to see if that will help. But it costs $20 a month so find someone and immediately terminate the membership.
  4. DriverNerd

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    The bad news is finding an overnight sitter to work part time hours reliably is very difficult. Finding one to work full time over night is very easy. So if you're not looking for another part time job to supplement your UPS one, your best bet is to try or (as said above). Try to find someone who is okay with those hours...which isn't impossible, just need to get lucky with someone who has another job that butts up to yours and is looking for more hours. My ex and I share the same nanny whom we found on When you search for a sitter, be very specific in the ad about what you expect, the hours, and the pay. If you're not close to a larger city this can be difficult (smaller number of applicants), but also pay rates are lower usually the farther you get from a major city as well. And yes, it's tough to pay someone a majority of your hourly rate. It's very difficult to manage overnights part time. Sometimes you just have to move on from the job (or switch shifts if available) to make things work. Not an ideal situation of course, but you'll do whatever it takes for your kids.
  5. Holydriver

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    being specific in my adds doesnt do a thing. i find that at least 75% of respondents havent read my add. its like an auto delete for me.
  6. 08rookie

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    Luckily I have a Stay at home Girlfriend!
  7. barnyard

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    If your house is big enough, can you rent a home to someone that would be there and help your kids get ready for school??? If you are in a college town, maybe there is a student that would do that, in exchange for a room for rent. Maybe add a few other chores to make it a bit more equitable.

    We currently are renting a room out and my advice would be to put everything in writing. Our tenant said that she would do chores to lower rent, but so far has paid full rent every month. Our preference would be for her to be doing more chores and paying less rent.
  8. Hazard O'Toole

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    I appreciate the advice and links!
  9. olroadbeech

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    First , I would check with the Chamber Of Commerce. Ask the Librarian . they know almost everything. Did you contact local social services? they may have affordable low income child care services or for single parents.

    how about the senior center. seniors love to help. if you have a room to rent a nice quiet senior grandmother type may be the ticket. or maybe they will be affordable.

    have you checked with other part=timers? i'm sure there are a lot single parents in the same boat. multiple heads are better than one.

    if you find a solution , come back and post it. you'll help others.