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    Seems the most recent WSJ article states that simple engine failure was the blame. The article stated that 5 pilots were onboard that flight, for some reason, and it took all of them to t/s the numerous failures. Just think if 6 had a jumpseater or two.
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    It's a bit different situation in my mind atleast ...I don't think the extra pilots would of helped in the same way.... in flight 6 is one pilot going to see any better through the smoke then the next? In this flight you have the capt and co pilot keeping control of the air craft and the other 3 working checklist and checking numerous fault indicators
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    "simple"?? The pictures I saw, the shrapnel went through the wing and the core cowl was destroyed.
    Maybe you're trying to suggest some fire fighting could have made a difference?
    I doubt that you know any more than anyone else.
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    A article I read said the entire wing would have to be replaced due to the mutiple punctures throughout and that the frame probably would end up a total loss because the wing outfitted is no longer the production wing
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    It's already flying Einstein. Stay on your forum of expertise. Engines shell out all the time, that's why our pp eng has so many boro task cards.
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    VH-OQA, the A380 involved in the incident, won't be flying anytime soon.
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    You guys NEVER paid attention!!

    How many times did I tell you there's NO "U" in QANTAS????!!!!! It's an acronym: Queensland And Northern Territiories Aerial Service. Is it any wonder I left?

    For what it's worth the guys at QF call the A380 the "Hyundai of the Sky" although I guess we can't really blame Airbus for the lousy RR engines. Sad really, I always preferred them.

    Happy Hanakwanzamas guys!! Stay warm.
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    This was much more than a simple engine failure, it was liberation of the Intermediate Pressure Turbine disc. That is not something that happens every day and I believe the last time was in ’89. The following video of the investigation of that crash explains pretty well what also happened to flight QF-31 with the exception that the Qantas engine lost an internal disc.