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    We had a relief bid put up for article 22.3 work (Air Shuttle+haz mat&re-wrap)and bid was won by a full-time driver. A week after the bid came down we were told it would be re-bid and awarded to a part time employee. I am having trouble finding language that I am told is in the new contract(no copies yet) that entitles a part time employee to this relief job.
    Any thoughts?
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    Who do you think 22.3 jobs are for?
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    Find your union steward and talk to em
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    Why don't you read his/her supplement before writing this crap?
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    I stopped working for UPS prior to the new contract, so I am not versed on it at all, however one of my jobs was to come up with new 22.3 positions. The entire ideal of 22.3 positions is that UPS had a contractual agreement to create X number of full time positions which are made by combining two part-time jobs. You should definitely ask someone to show you what's in the new contract because i can't imagine a part-timer winning that doesn't even make defeats the whole purpose of Article 22.3!
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    Article 22.3

    The parties agree that providing part-time employees the opportunity to
    become full-time employees is a priority of this Agreement.
    ???? lol
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    If 22.3 jobs are for full time employees only then that means pt employees can only bid driver jobs?
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    Geez Idolesswork what is you major malfuntion? I ask for help and you come up with that? I can't believe you managed to bother reply without reading(you can read I (ASS-U-ME) that it is a full time 22.3 job and the bid is for the temp relief of said job. But thanks for playing.
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    the nor-cal section of 22.3 does allow a fulltimer to bid on this type of job.
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    our drivers/combination/full time employees have first rights to a newly created job. we usually bid a new job by classification first then open it to other full time employees. (well, if the union and company aren't making agreements to help out their buddies) if it is done correctly then the least desirable job would go to the bottom person in that classification, if that makes sense. part timers should get whatever job is vacated (driver or whatever) unless NO FULL TIMER wants the new job.