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  1. Ok I know since the contract hasn't passed yet all raises will be retroactive. And I understand that we were suppose to get a .70 increase (Us through with our old wage progression) Aug. 1st.

    My question is was/is the next .70 due on jan 1st (Meaning a total of $1.40 of raises from august 1st then on january 1st 2014)? Or when is the second .70 raise issued, is it on your seniority date each year or the first of the year?

    I know right now no raises are issued, just wondering what to expect in the near (or late) future.

  2. August 1st 2014
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    2013: Aug 1, .70
    2014: Aug 1, .70
    2015: Aug 1, .70
    2016: Aug 1, .40 (of $0.80 total)
    2017: Feb 1, .40 (of $0.80 total), Aug 1, .50 (of $1.00 total)
    2018: Feb 1, .50 (of $1.00 total)
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    that retro is gonna buy us a new Vizio TV. thank you Teamsters.
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    Will the union bill us for past dues after the contract goes in to effect?
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    Dues are based on wage rates. A retroactive wage payment means your rate went up so you will be responsible for any corresponding increase in dues. However the IBT Constitution calls for dues increases to be effective "the first day of the second calendar month following the month in which the increase is implemented"... which translates to an Oct 1st dues increase, unless of course your local has been granted a waiver by the IBT. So if/when the contract is finally ratified, you'll be "adjusted" to correct any discrepancies.
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    Our local has raised our dues 3 dollars on Oct 1st. Ck your deductions on your ck
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    They should lower the dues........................after this piss poor excuse of a contract!
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    Wow! This does not seem right. We have not got our raises but the Union has already increased dues. WTH! Even the government does not do that!
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    Having fun?
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    is Insincerity just Integrity's alter ego?
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    I have called my BA four times. He's returned my call once. I want my money back.
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    Will you cut a check after ratification?