Raises go right to union dues for PT new-hires?

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    Some of these numbers are just to make a point so they may be off a bit.

    If a part timer hired in 2010 gets the twice yearly raise of about .37 for half the year and then another .37 for the other half, that basically means the yearly raise for that employee works out to about .56 cents per hour (.37 + .75 / 2)

    .56 x 4(hours) x 5(days) x 4(weeks) = $45.00 extra each month.

    However union dues are about $45.00 each month and this doesnt include the intiation fee. The union fighting to get new-hires a pay raise just ends up having that raise get sent to the union in fees. Obviously after a few years the pay raises start to add up for the employee but a few years or less in pay raises seems like a revolving door. Now the benefits that go along with the union membership may offset this but after how long do members become eligible for them?

    Seems to me that employees that stay with the company for a few year or less wont see much if any benefit to their pay raises.
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    I'm not disputing your points. But just for the record, a part-timer hired in 2010 ( or any time after August 1, 2008) gets progression raises, not the twice-a-year split raises.
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    Union dues are set by our Teamster Constitution. They are always 2.5 times your hourly wage. This will never change, get used to it.

    In the end, its all figured in.

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    The dues set by the Constitution are a minimum. We pay 3 x here in Upstate NY.
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    Here is something novel,Look at the price of health care. Once you get your time in, 2 1/2 your hourly rate is a bargain compared to what medical insurance cost. When I started 13 years ago it was about $500.00 a month for my family. I am sure it has gone up considerably. God Bless the IBT.
    Ps My full time company gives me a $120.00 per mo. credit for opting out because they pay for the employee only. I probably can help Upstate with his dues LOL
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    Hey people -what are you guys talking about-Hoffa needs these high union dues because he is for the "little guy" not that his salary is 365,000 plus a housing allowance and expenses.
    He is head of the union --o/k --what about the 200,000 teamster club -----hundreds of his cronies living the life off of union dues.
    But what the hell it is only those corrupt corporations that are "greedy"

    Relax, take a breath-not attacking the hard working union workers ,just stating some facts.
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    Please do you really believe your union dues cover your medical plan --???
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    First the union dues do not cover the insurance plan which goes to my point of the collective bargaining power of the IBT dues are a piece of cake when you think about paying for your insurance Please read below the compensation fiqures for top UPS Execs. The defense rests Value and
    All Other
    Name and Principal Position
    Year ($)(1) ($)(2) ($)(3) ($)(4) ($)(5) ($)(6) ($) D. Scott Davis
    2009 1,000,000 3,890,437 437,511 130,523 752,239 31,345 6,242,055 Chairman and
    2008 1,000,000 3,965,836 437,619 136,944 712,041 30,014 6,282,454 Chief Executive Officer
    2007 609,000 1,473,772 271,031 115,000 287,600 27,367 2,783,770 David P. Abney
    2009 462,500 1,523,098 144,534 62,900 278,014 8,269 2,479,315 Senior Vice President and
    2008 458,500 1,820,660 144,576 70,300 363,444 7,976 2,865,456 Chief Operating Officer
    2007 437,500 1,053,007 189,719 80,500 271,700 7,771 2,040,197 Kurt P. Kuehn
    2009 400,000 963,909 125,006 54,400 289,639 22,612 1,855,566 Senior Vice President and
    2008 396,000 1,309,167 125,034 60,800 368,792 21,082 2,280,875 Chief Financial Officer
    Myron A. Gray(7)
    2009 381,250 814,024 119,144 51,539 230,157 540,717 2,136,831 Senior Vice President,
    U.S. Operations
    John J. McDevitt
    2009 420,000 943,485 131,259 57,120 229,573 8,054 1,789,491 Senior Vice President,
    2008 418,000 1,356,344 131,291 63,840 230,274 7,869 2,207,618 Global Transportation Services
    2007 405,300 993,577 176,711 74,980 163,483 7,360 1,821,411

    *The above executive compensation data is an excerpt from the proxy statement filed for
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    Permission to redirect .........Scott Davis makes how much? James Hoffa makes how much ?

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    When is everyone going to understand that the Union is a buisness just like UPS?
  11. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    and who do you work for????
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    BAZINGA !!

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    No thank you Tie, for paving the way for guys like me.

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    Did you hear that Local 2727 just helped North and South Korea resolve their differences....
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    First of all I (me) realize UPS is a business. When I am representing an employee in a matter with management,I always remind the employee we all are about the customer. That should never be an issue. The reason for posting salaries of upper management is that people on the thread were taking Teamster leaders to task for their salaries which are insignificant compared to upper UPS management.
    And last of all as I stated before if not for the IBT we would not as UPS union employees enjoy the benefits we have.
    As far as the union being a business let me say this: I buy stock in UPS every moth because so far it has been a good investment and pays a divedend .I pay union dues every month and so far it has been a great investment for me ( benefits and wages) also a pretty good divedend.
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    Nope, just held out for free healthcare. Get over it. U can't seem to get that the airline mechanics r skilled employees.2 weeks of training and I can do ur job with no problem, but takes 8-10 yrs of aircraft experience to even get an interview with UPS. That's why we r highly compensated. I know ur having a problem with a new hire mechanic making more money than you'll ever see within 5 years but u should of gone to school after u graduated high school. Feel sorry for u man. Stuck in a dead end job with no where to go..

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    You would think someone that made as much money as the mechanics do would be happy? I make more, do nothing and spent the morning golfing while being paid... I am very happy. I feel bad for you. All that money and you are still miserable.
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    He is in north bay paying for health care. That's the only reason Upssux is mad.
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    That and he has to pretend he's happy to hopefully get his 401k match back. "thank u sir can i have another".
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    He might be able to go south bay. Got a feeling Upssux next move is out.