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  1. Some locals have already raised the age or are talking about doing so. Are we given any time to make a decision once they decide to make a change? I am working on 27 years ft. Our local 639 offers a 25 and out but deducts 5% a year. We just want to get to 30 years with no penalty. Raising the age would be tough since alot of us started driving in our early 20's. Don't want to be the last man standing!
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    Your 27 years of service may allow you to be grandfathered. The decision is not an individual one--it is voted on by all of the members and majority rules.

    We went through this process a year or so ago. We decided to set a minimum retirement age of 55 with 30 years of service. We also decided to let UPS divert our split raises for the duration of this contract to the pension. We will have drivers working 36-37 years to receive a 30 year normal pension.
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    Two sides of the same coin. From my point of view, you were fortunate to start driving early when your body was still young. My retirement target is when I can no longer do the work and at that time there may not be any pension left. Tough when you start driving at 44. Fifty seven has already come and gone.
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    I started at 35. I understand.
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    With what UPS is doing now raising stops counts, stops per car, I see that UPS don't want
    to see us retire. Our building has 9 injurys in 3 weeks, It's out of control. company says
    it's there fault, giving them warning letter for injurys.
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    warning letters? Inform your business agent of this. This is clearly a violation of Article 37
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    Drivers don't realize they control the pace. I worked at a good pace and they complained. I asked for help with 0/70s and they complained. I took 8 hour requests and they complained. Do the job as it should be done and all they can do is complain. I always gave them a fair days work for a fair days pay. But I always took my lunch and breaks (to sit by Lake Erie and play the banjo) and if it didn't get done then some runner could come and finish it. The kids would come out and whine how they skipped lunch but had to help me. I'd toss the twenty stops in their truck and head off to my last coffee break.
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    Leastbest, I once made the comment that no driver in the country could top your lunch routine. Playing the banjo by the lake. The first time I read what you did during lunch I laughed my rear end off but now I fully understand how this could relieve the stress from this stressful job.
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    There is a park on my route right along the shore of another one of the Great lakes. Never pulled into it.
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    The pension fund Trustees have full authority to raise the retirement age, or make any other needed rule changes, so long as they don't reduce your currently accrued benefits. No membership vote is required. Upstate's vote was because they were diverting Contract raises into the pension fund. The Contract requires that to be voted on.

    When the pension rules are changed, you normally have a window period between their announcement and the day they take effect. You will also be grandfathered under the old rules for a while at least, maybe longer.
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    Inform your Business Agent ?? Can he perform miracles and change the past ? Fact of the matter is ---whether you or anyone else likes it or not ----A proven failure to follow instuctions and or methods is subject to discipline. For example if the driver admits not using the handrail and gets injured --he can be diciplined for not using the handrail --he is not disciplined for the injury. Not too hard to understand . Do not expect miracles from the union !
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    Jon, we also approved a minimum retirement age (55) with 30 years of service. Prior to that it was 30 and out.
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    We still have 25 and out any age a guy left at 46 and gets 2100 a month. Granted he fell into some money.
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    Yes, you will have some time to make a decision. I don't know if you were at the meeting a few years ago where they doubled the monthly healthcare premiums for future retirees, but they did give people the opportunity to retire under the old rate ( I think they had at least 30 day window but it might have been more or less, it wasn't an option for me anyway so I didn't write it down). If I had 27 years I'd a been gone yesterday.
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    Generally speaking employees with 25 years or more would be grandfathered in to the old plan.
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    My local just recently went from 25 and out at any age to 30 and out but you must be at least 55. I honestly don't think that is unreasonable. And yes I was 55 when I retired with 32 full time years. I started driving at 22.
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    Shouldn't that be "into"?
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    The real problem isn't the retirement age its the orphaned ex-workers hanging like a millstone around the Teamster pension systems neck. Hopefully something is going to get done about it before the next contract is finalized. If the Teamsters could move those vested workers from long since bankrupted and out of business companies off their books and into the Pension Guarantee Trust Corp, where they belong, pensions for UPS workers could rise dramatically and age wouldn't make a difference.
  19. Not unreasonable? What is?.....to you? Glad you guys are deciding the fate of retirees. STOP MOVING THE FINISH LINE! This is bs. And before any more cuts are made to already retired folks......let's make sure the "local fatcats" (the triple dippers" and such feel the pain.
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    So cool. We have a guy who fishes on his lunch break