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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trucker1946, Aug 24, 2006.

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    I started in 1969,hired off the street as a feeder driver,retired in 2005.I put my wife thru medical school and two daughters thru college.My main point is do not live beyond your means or base your income on overtime,I banked my OT,converted my thrift plan to ups stock and live very modestly.I retired a millionaire and am loving life.I wish you all well in your UPS career and dont forget your family come before the company God Bless you all
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    Very good advice. Most new drivers fall into the trap and go too far in debt. They are young with new wife they want to spoil, so they buy too much house, a couple of new car notes, all the latest gadgets and live paycheck to paycheck with high credit card debts. Spend wisely, don't waste money on things that are bad investments and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE a little every week.
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    Good advice! And it sounds like a strong faith helped you cope as well.

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    That is so good trucker ,you are quite a guy I know we only know each other form this site but I am glad to call you FRIEND
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    But I like spending money, it helps fill a void in my life. Seriously though, I'm only 27 and carrying over 15,000 in student loans and credit card debt. I'm looking forward to the day when I can just get back to zero and start all over. Being in debt SUCKS.
  6. rod

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    Altho I didn't get into the millionaire club I am able to live quite comfortably on my pension and other investments. I retired at 53 years old after 30 years as a Package Driver and my life style hasn't really changed that much. (A person does tend to take better care of their teeth when you loose your dental insurance) ha ha. My only advise is don't put all your eggs in one basket i.e UPS stock. Lifes too short to work over 30 years at UPS. You can always go be an Anti-Greeter at WalMart when your 80. You know- the one who stands by the door and says "What the Hell are you doing here? - get a life. Keep them bratty kids under control- What do you mean, falling prices? The prices quit falling the day the last of the competition went out of business".:)
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    Trucker1946, do you have any daughters or granddaughters in the mid to late 20's? Diadlover would like to take them out.
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    Dont worry about lover. He hates women per his posts on other threads, and prefers men and boys.

    He also likes to talk trash and has learned no manners.

    I figure you daughters ought to be safe enough, but give them some pepper spray just the same.:wink:

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    "...but give them some pepper spray just the same."

    OK, that got a LOL!
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    Oh dannyboy, the Irish drunk of the browncafe. This is what now? The third or fourth time you've implied that I'm gay? Yes, I'll admit that I find most women annoying. So what? No, I've never posted anything saying that I like men and boys (your gross btw). Please provide a link to that post because I would love to read it.

    How about you introduce me to your daughter dboy. I'll prove that I'm not gay. In fact, I'll prove it right in front of you.:wink:
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    Keep on running your mouth. You do fit the profile. Little man, big mouth, low self esteeme, but loves to brag on himself while trying to put others down. Now you want to branch out to involve little girls too? Whats wrong, cant get it up with a real woman, only boys and girls?

    Textbook example.

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    As Diadlovers campaign manager, I would like to retract that statement. He was misquoted. He actually wanted to meet Dannys daughter to try to get her vote in the next election.

    {DL, two words.........pepper spray!}
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    Wait a minute dboy, I thought you were an old retired guy. So how could you have a "little girl"? Your daughter should at least be in her mid 30's to mid 40's right? Please put the beer down and explain................

    P.S. where is the link??
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    You know, I dont use the ignore feature much. Only on Susie and that agent that was phishing for perverts like you on this site. But I think you deserve ignoring. I was hoping you were just a bit crazy and funny. But that seems not to be the case. You are sick. You demand attention like a 5 year old. And when you dont get it, you try to be gross and vulgar.

    And like Susie, your posts attempt to incite anger instead of offering any type of information.

    I dont have time or the energy to waste on people that insist on staying in the gutter, or mindless 30 somethings that have the mindset of a middle school sociopath.

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    Sorry about the confusion over9five, dboy's daughter can't possibly be "little" like he's trying to imply. He's as old as my Dad at least. For the record dboy you sick sick man, I prefer my women no younger than 18 and no older than 25. Your daughter must be older than that so I'll make an exception because were buddies.
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    You gonna ignore me now? Come on dboy, it's all for fun. BTW, I'm 27.
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    Re-All upsters who have read my post,my intention was steer the young workers in the right direction and try to help their career and future,if this forum justifies a Jerry Springer mentality this will be final post,i wish you all well at ups and in life BYE
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    Glad you have not left yet. Dont worry, just use the ignore feature on your user CP. Then you wont have to deal with posters whose only claim to the human race is a silly sick attempt to be funny. At which he has failed.

    Do not judge the majority of the posters here by a couple of sick posts by sick people. There are right around 290-400 different people a day that come by here each and every day. Many just lurk and never register. But they come. Why? Because Cheryl (the sole owner of this site) has created an open environment that allows all to enter and contribute. And there are many wise people from all different walks of life here that make it the number one UPSer board on the net.

    So dont let the locker room (actually crapper talk) of a few run you off. Or any one else for that matter. Unless the majority act, the minority will have their way. And only when good men stand by and do nothing can evil prevail.

    Cheryl prefers that posters use a bit of brain when they post, and each poster has to agree to some basic rules. It was posts like this that clearly are intended to see how far one can go before being banished. And like any mother, she prefers to council the unruly child before using the belt.

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    Lets get this thing straight here. You called me a gay child molester!! That was before I said that I would prove you wrong by having "relations" with your ADULT daughter. Seriously, what kind of a response do you want from me? Even I know that it's over the line to say crap like that. I'm still waiting for the link to my previous posts that "said" I like little boys!!! Stop pointing the finger at me and realize that your not innocent either. Funny how you say that a "few" have crapper talk when your one of them!!

    Trucker1946, I just want to be your future son-in-law.
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    Daniel Daniel Daniel Yet another in a long line of threads that you've killed please put me down also for ingnore. diadlover, susie,myself are but a few of the people here that see you as a pathetic svengali with a sanctimonious opinions. I'm sure continuing to call the adminstrator by name will get you relief to continue to spout out your views with no backlash. You remember the BTK Killer well you sir are the BCTK killer( Brown cafe thread killer).