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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Jun 7, 2012.

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    This thread is for the latest polls and tracking by REAL CLEAR POLITICS.... lets see how this plays out!
  2. there is no chart for who gives a f#@#?!
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    With new embarassments coming weekly, it'll catch up to him.....leaking secrets, bad numbers in economy, star-struck Hollywood hanger-on, Anti-Israel, Recall in WI, bad health bill that nobody's cumulative and will effect polls in time.
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    Wow, you really do believe everything you hear/read from the right-slanted media, don't you?

    Do you know who 'leaked' this information about the Government's cyber-warfare against Iran's nuclear operations?


    Once Obama got elected, Bush pulled him aside and gave him the president to president talk, and guess what he said?

    "Go with these drone thingys, and by the way, we started a stealth computer attack program against Iran's nuclear operation, and you should really go with that too".

    It worked quite well, until the stealth program inadvertently found it's way onto the internet in 2010 and everyone in the world found out about it (except they didn't know what it was).

    It took a couple of years, but an intrepid reporter from THE NEW YORK TIMES (among others) traced everything back to the White House, wrote a book about it, got on the news, and all of a sudden it's a big deal.

    Once Iran figured out they were being played (TWO YEARS AGO), they changed their operations, probably upgraded their anti-virus, whatever.

    Do you really think the Obama administration would leak the fact that the super-secret cyber-warfare attack program they inherited from the previous administration got compromised (TWO YEARS AGO)?

    In fact, the Obama administration didn't leak it at all.

    It was the press that figured out the story.

    Did I mention it was THE NEW YORK TIMES? know, that bastion of socialist/marxist/liberalism...oh, the horror!
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    I'm fairly apolitical.

    The media is insane, left or right, it's their circus (except they influence public opinion without backing up their case with rational fact).

    In straight economic terms, it would make more sense for ANYONE to win, and win with a serious mandate, just so we could break through this serious gridlock in congress.

    These people are playing political games, and the country is suffering (Reagan would be disgusted).

    On balance, Romney and Obama are the more or less the same.

    Do you think Romney wouldn't authorize drone-strikes, or cyber-attacks against Iran, or etc. etc. Of course he would, please.

    I'm sort of surprised about how many of the 'conservatives' on this forum hate on Obama so much, because he's pretty much continued on with most of Bush's policies.

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    Real Clear Politics is a cumulation of ALL polls in the country. It assembles them all while tracking both candidates in the race. The dates on the left show when the polls were published.

    RealClearPolitics - Election 2012 - General Election: Romney vs. Obama

    You can track which candidate is tracking higher or lower daily. ROMNEY who has always tracked lower continues to stay below President OBAMA.

    Anything can happen. You can watch weekly as the polls change. They will get close, then separate depending on events.

    This is a great site to see what the polls really say versus the crap you hear on FOX SPEWS. Rassmussen, FOX SPEWS official polling company uses LIKELY VOTERS versus the other polls who mainly use REGISTERED VOTERS.

    There is a big difference between LIKELY and REGISTERED voters.

    Rassmussen uses LIKELY because they are more likely to get the results they need to publish.

    Lets see how it plays out!

    Heres some history on Real Clear polling data.. Heres a chart from 2008 for McCain v Obama.. Early on, McCain had the lead, it got close, and in september McCain had the lead until Sarah Palin was announced and he dropped like a rock!

    If you look at the FOX / Rassmussen POLLS using LIKELY voters, they are usually WRONG!Same thing this time around, FOX SPEWS will use the same LIKELY VOTERS TO SPIN OUT positive polling for Romney but they know they are not even close to the other scientific polls.


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    Yeah, but then again, who gives a :censored2:!
  9. Whoever has a pocket of those... :D (Chris Rock)
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    I found a major problem with your charts .
    There is a big difference between LIKELY and REGISTERED voters.
    You forgot to included the dems largest voting group the DEAD.
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    LOLOLOLOL.... thats funny.


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    Dead people needing photo Id's----How stupid is that!
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised when I attempted to vote and be told that I have already voted.
    Of course I would make "a federal case about it" and most likely end up in jail.
    But think of the fallout I could create, I would have that entire vote cancelled and demand that a do over take place. I would challenge the court system to declare that I was not a ID victim , but that the voting system had stolen my ID.
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    The excuses start to fly even before you lose another election, I love it!


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    I recall all the posturings and gyrations before the Walker recall...................remember how that turned out? With a gaffe every few days or so, Odumbo could lose this one. His HOPE would be to CHANGE the veep and get rid of Biden and get Hillary.
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    Do voting rights laws require voters to be alive?
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    Do voting rights laws require an informed electorate?
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    Nothing requires an informed or responsible electorate.
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    parenthood has no minimum requirements either and a lot of the time, it shows!!
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    What I find most ironic is one of our most informed and responsible members chooses not to vote.