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  1. wily_old_vet

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    Rocky-I've got 2 pkgs headed your way by ground from Md. starting tomorrow. One to 80016 and one to 80027. Should be out there by the 18th. Please take care of them.
  2. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    I'd gladly do so, Wily. Unfortunately.....the nearest I get to UPS packages is waving at a driver or seeing package cars or feeders on the road. You see....I QUIT UPS 8 weeks ago! Haven't looked back, either. My stress level is at or near an acceptable level. If my government manager has his way I'll be a calm, even-tempered, NORMAL cubicle worker in a couple weeks. We're working on that side. Its really nice not to feel like someone is standing over my shoulder, hissing at me to MOVE! No, I was ordered to slow the h*ll down the other day. Ya know why? He said, "QUALITY is a h*lluva lot more important to me than QUANTITY! You can't make quality when you're producing QUANTITY!" So....yeah, much healthier work situation. I encourage anyone that can--or has thought about--leaving Father Brown to do so. I'm far from being the only success story. The $$ you're making at UPS can be matched elsewhere if you look. I took a nice raise when I started this job. Then again....keep in mind I had only worked for UPS (this time) less than a year. I was making $10/hr.

    By the way, Wily....about those zips. 80016 is ringing a bell for Aurora, Colorado. And 80027 is ringing a bell for Louisville, Colorado. Am I anywhere near right? I used to sort at Commerce City and the 800's were splits. -Rocky
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    You can have both Q's at the same time. You forget you are paraphrasing a government employee. After I retired I worked at the state income tax office for a short while. Everyone in that department I worked with thought I was a government plant to see how efficient the department was.
  4. cino321

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    And we started a post for this why?
  5. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    Yeah, I did forget you can have both qualities at the same time. The problem I was having was producing high-quality filing and/or computer documents while going fast. Its was maddening, so he gave me 'what for.' We haven't had a problem since.

    Question: why are you reading this if you have no interest? The thread starter decided he preferred this method to private message. I was surprised when I saw the title of the thread but it didn't bother me. If it bothers you, don't read it. Simple as that. :::Shrugs:::. -Rocky
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    Rocky-You were right on the money on the cities. Good luck in your new profession. It does feel nice to be on the outside looking in at peak doesn't it.

    Cino321-Next time I start a thread I'll make sure to consult you.
  7. rod

    rod retired and happy

    It does feel nice to be retired and not have to stress out about peak ( even though peak was always my easiest time of year because I had a helper for a couple of weeks). It also feels great that i was tough enough to last 30 years at the old brown machine.:happy2:
  8. RockyRogue

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    Thanks for the best wishes, Wily. I can't think of a better profession to be perfectly honest. Not 100% certain I'm cut out for government employment but the fact that full-time employees (I'm an intern) are kept strictly to a 40 hour workweek is very attractive!! I won't know if they'll offer a full-time job for quite awhile. I'm working on applying for other jobs. I'm making plans for the first half of 2008 right now. Unfortunately, those plans can't go very far without some better guidance about a full-time job with this government agency! Going to be a frustrating January and February!

    Nah, its OK, Wily. I wouldn't bother. He's one of those 'characters' here on the BrownCafe. He and I have gone a couple rounds before, unfortunately. -Rocky
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    I still think you're a traitor, Rocky!
  10. cino321

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    Yeah please do my preferred method of contact is via private message. Thanks.
  11. RockyRogue

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    LOL, c'mon, Race! Don't hate! Or is that jealousy? :happy2:

    As far as I'm concerned, your preference doesn't matter here. Wily, start a thread with my username as the title anytime you want! -Rocky