Ron Carey Speaks On How Hoffa Is Trying To Sell Us Out

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JPJETS, Oct 31, 2007.


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    Excellent video.

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    You are right.
    Excellent example of why UPS people want out of CS. When Ron spoke of the freeze of CS pension to 97 levels, he forgot to mention that those levels were reduced in 2004 and that this is the first contract that can make the plan solvent and at least restore the promised benefits that were lost. Not to mention, no penalty against your pension if one wishes to continue working somewhere else, to supplement their income in their golden years.
    Oh, and I forgot, lower healthcare costs for CS retirees.
  4. tieguy

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    Interesting that the guy responsible for defending the current pension nightmares would call this contract offer a sellout.

    Kind of like clinton complaining about all the sexual harrassment laws.
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    jccuch retired & love it !!!!!

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    Face it Tie, it is a SELLOUT!
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    Carey was a hero for the working man and a hero for organized labor.
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    If Ron Carey speaks for you, you have bigger issues than this little ol contract.
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    They have not restored jack! Ya, they are offering the same money we had 10 years ago with no increases, but we will be paying four times as much for insurance as they did 10 years ago. So, in other words we will bring home much less than they did 10 years ago. How is that restoring anything?:confused:1
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    But significantly better then what you will see if you don't vote for it?
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    Until he was indicted?
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    Tie just because management has no backbone does not mean that the rank and file will follow suit. I have been here to long to be scared by those lame management scare tactics. Go try it on your new hires.
    If things go the way I vote, we will see what the next offer is!!!!
  13. tieguy

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    Your CS pension was screwed and quickly flushing down the toilet. UPS is putting up as much as 8 billion to fix this ticking time bomb. You on the other hand are crying because the initial payout is not more. You claim to have a backbone but it appears the development stopped when the upper end of your backbone should have evolved into a brain.
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    I must laugh:w00t::w00t::w00t:. You my friend are a joke!!!!!
    When we do send them back to the table, I think a good start would be to demand that UPS get rid of there little yes men! Sorry Tie, the door is that way:thumbdown!
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    Perhaps the union should get rid of people who are too stupid to understand the contract process not to mention the concept of loyalty?:w00t:

    I'm sorry I just used some big words that you probably won't understand.:biggrin:
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    Loyalty to whom?
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    He can't answer that, he's talking over his own head! Typical UPS management. They'll take anyone these days, you know?
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    Why weren't any of UPS mngmnt indicted several yrs ago when they were hit for major tax fraud? Heck it only made a tiny little article in the back of the papers, and I imagine that cost a pretty penny! ;)

    Also no Carey wasn't perfect, but I guarantee no CEO would have the integrity to cut their own salary as Carey did.
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    Oh I don't know loyalty towards his company, the union maybe the farmer and bovine that created him. I really don't think he understands the words and we probably shouldn't speak on it too much or he might realize just how ignorant he really is.

    Most on your side either give ups and the union equal credit or they give the union all of the credit for them having a good paying job and good standard of living. For some reason these principles of loyalty and appreciation have kind of escaped him.
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    I have to agree with tie on this one. Sawdusttv did a lot of campaigning for the now defunct APWA in their quest for a UPS only pension. Now that it is a real possiblity he complains about it and votes down the very idea that he supported not all that long ago. I don't think the contract is perfect, but its far from a bad deal. I haven't sent my ballot back in yet, but I'm leaning towards a yes vote.