Rookie drivers 🤣

eats packages

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Can't be fired for drinking while wearing the Uniform off the clock.

If they are off the clock there is absolutely zero things UPS can do about it
This is more of a question but I'm of the belief it is risky and could go both ways. That is: if the activity could link you to work, is completely harmless, and pisses off boomers. It could still get you fired by a panel.


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Crap did i post that? Got to stop thinking with the edit key

The only reason I asked.... I thought that was funny.

UPS used to allow employees to drink in the parking lot. Even when you were required to change out of uniform

(except for shirts) there were numerous drivers drinking in local bars every day and night.

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Lazy is seeing the UPS guy pull up to your house....but not going to the door to meet him.
Seriously, yeah sit on your ass and complain about your free delivery service, for your t shirt, guy 🙄
I’m sure he’s a big tipper at Christmas
What a tool


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That guy should not be drinking in his uniform and I don't get what either video has to do with rookies
Lol I don't see any senior drivers doing this or acting a fool and making a video drinking with their uniform on I don't see the point. The other driver he already walk 90% of the way just walk rest of the way and enjoy making 40 and hour to walk to a door and drop off a package in the correct place. I love playing these videos in the morning for all the drivers to see before are pcm 🤣