Safe Work Days My Ass

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    Apparently my hub has some "safe work days." I learned yesterday that "safe work days" means something more along the lines of "days the paramedics were not called."

    Yesterday, my buddy in the trucks next to me somehow fractured his foot. I have no idea how he did this. To be brutally honest, I had some Costco sandwhich wraps before I came in, and they did not agree with my at the end of the night, which as many of you know, is usually the messiest. So, I rushed to restroom. My truck was clean, but my buddies trucks had packages all over the place and none of his "irregs" were loaded. Luckily, before :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ting my pants, I saw a supervisor and asked where he went. "He's hurt" is all he said. Well, when I was doing my business, I overheard him with my other supervisor talking about how my buddy "definitely had at least a fracture." I saw my buddy later that night and he said "See ya on Monday, and I can't talk about what happened."

    Fast-forward to today, he did in fact break his foot right in the center of his foot somehow. I thought maybe a finger, or a toe, but it was indeed the main bone of his foot. His girlfriend said in order for him to be properly taken care of with UPS issued health insurance, he has to take a drug test. He might pass one if they were multiple choice...but that is a different, though related topic.

    My QUESTION here is: What the hell is going on?

    Why was he told not to talk about it? Is it because the hub and the supervisors don't want to report the injury, bringing the "safe work day" count back down to zero, and somehow saving the hub's face in the eyes of auditors or whomever may need / should know about injuries? Could it be because they know about his drug use (weed) outside of work and don't want him to lose his job over a drug test? A mix of both perhaps?

    I for one would like to see this place a little safer, in REAL ways. We are constantly quized about safety and how to load and all of that, but when it comes down to it, most of that stuff is impossible to do all at once once the flow really picks up, and there are MANY more design flaws and inefficiencies that are far more dangerous to a person than what that person may do just doing their job. For instance, I once tried to raise my chute. I got it about halfway up compared to the other chutes, and the chute collapsed and crashed down. What I my hand was there? What if I was under it?

    Does anyone have any input? I realized long ago that my understanding of UPS's daily activities in their hubs was naive at best, but I can't fathom any single, good reason why a broken foot should be "covered up."

    Do you guys have any words of wisdom?
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    Play their safety game: learn their safety stuff verbatim and actually do it. If you get hurt its on you and your supervisor will leave you out to dry, always remember that.

    Properly report leaking packages, keep your egress clear, etc. You will visibly piss them off because of their production numbers dropping. If they start riding you about it say OSHA. When they come after you for "safety" stuff just ask for a union rep and RTS it, even if you get 100% on a safety quiz. A box isn't worth your health or your life and a lot of people in this company forget that.
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    Just like the Oaklahoma State Football Sports Illustrated article. Players get hurt coaches leave the players out to dry.
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    Do you guys have any words of wisdom?[/QUOTE]

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    If you get hurt, they will always try to make it your fault.
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    Tell your friend to stop doing drugs, risking his job, family, and public safety. If he grows up, he'll be able to take a drug test when he gets hurt and not have to worry about anything besides getting well. I also find it ironic you complain about safe work environment but make the statement "he might pass a drug test if it's multiple choice". I don't know about you but I wouldn't feel safe working around someone that has substance abuse problems
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    If he fractured a bone, UPS is required to file a First Report of Injury with Workman's comp, and they are required to report it to OSHA. If they don't, you should report it and Ups will be fined. This is the only way issues such as this will get fixed. You should also tell the individual if he submits a claim to the UPS issued health insurance he is committing fraud and that you will report it as situations like this is raising our health care costs. Now that the union will be responsible for maintaining our health are we all need to be more alert to work injuries being pawned off to our health insurance.
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    Nothing should be "covered up". This is corruption.

    Are you on a safety committee?

    How much heat are you willing to take to make things better?

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    Are you a child molester?

    ​How much heat are you willing to take?
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    I totally not offended by your post.. IVE
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    HELP!!! I'm being sent to a safety committee meeting for our work area and I've never been to one. Mind you, I consider UPS Safety as an oxymoron so I am not exactly walking into this from a positive perspective. Does UPS take these things seriously?

    How do you ensure things like broken equipment gets documented in these meetings to ensure there is a "fix by" date committed to? Prime example being the safety "bumpers" on the end of the belt extenders that come into a trailer that are supposed to retract the belt if you get trapped between the belt and a falling wall - over 50% of our are non-functional. Yes, I have a list of which doors have broken safety bumpers. Thoughts?
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    Integrity can't even stop talking long enough to molest himself!! Lmao
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    Good moderators would not encourage off topic comments on a discussion forum.

    Good moderators would seek on topic discussion,

    No I am not a child molester. (Very inappropriate comment by you)

    In effort to help make UPS a better, safer place to work, I think it is a worth while enough cause to take a considerable amount of heat.

  15. Integrity

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    Do you want to be part of the safety committee?

    If you do and are serious, I think I can help you.

    Please private message me if you are interested.

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    You keep that in mind, Integrity...the day they walk you out the door. It's a lot hotter on the unemployment
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    I am willing to participate on a Safety Committee if, and only if, the items brought forward are tracked and addressed in writing.

    While the environment is not hazardous there are hypocritical events that occur daily and equipment that doesn't work that has been broken for months which does endanger my safety and that of others.
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    If you are willing to challenge the corruption in the Safety Committee Process at UPS then you will be ok.

    If not, I suspect you will be dissatisfied.

    If you are in the unload then you are in an extremely hazardous area that is also full of hypocrisy.

    Every extendo that has a faulty bumper switch is an accident waiting to happen and the Company has very strict guidelines as to the repair of these items yet the PE departments cover up their failures to address these safety devices.

    If this isn't hazardous, I don't know what is.

    I am willing to help you. You need to be methodical, non-emotional, reasonable and professional in your approach because you will be going into deep waters.

    Private message me if you want help.

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    Good moderators would not encourage off topic comments on a discussion forum.
    Good moderators would seek on topic discussion,
    Possibly you are not aware that I am the worlds worst moderator!

    No I am not a child molester. (Very inappropriate comment by you)
    I'm glad to hear that and it was a question, not a comment.
    I will take child molestation off your attributes list.
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    I was not aware of that. I thank you for your honesty.

    Thank you for correcting that and removing that from my attributes list.