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    I was wondering, what have been your most successful sales leads? For instance, have you found a certain sector that has been the most fruitful? (ie, insurance companies, dentists, accountants, etc.)

    I try to get new accounts but dont have a lot of luck. Usually most people just want a free account if anything. So i thought it might be helpful to hear from you all.
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    Log on to is a whole section on sales leads, what to look for and how to approach customers. Better to look there than discuss these things in a public place.
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    Are you suggesting Yorefired is a Fedex spy????
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    It is an odd handle for someone who sounds like they are trying to drum up business for the company.:cool:
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    It's starting to make sense. Yorefired was fired from UPS, and is now working for Fedex. He is here to steal our customers!

    Don't tell him anything!
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    I was wondering about wether it would be good to post this here, and i guess i see you guys will keep me from ruining a good thing. :)

    FYI, I do drive for ups. I havent been here for over a year.

    Keep it real,
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    If you are looking for sales leads on your area, I would suggest trying places that have time critical shipments first. Real estate title companies, insurance companies and lending institutions come to mind. You may also have repair facilities, or even drug stores that need to send medicine to folks who can't easily drive into town.

    Don't be discouraged from those quick to assume the worst here. Use your imagination...when would you like to use UPS instead of taking time to pick something up yourself?

    Thanks for taking the time to try and grow the comapny.


    Susiedriver, UPS owner.
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    oh my God
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    lol So much for keeping that stuff secret.