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    I read the article today and passed out. There were 25 comments on his article and these people must have been up for promotion because they all praised Davis. He stated no one at FDX is union, I guess pilots dont count. He was quick to point out that Pilots and Airline Mechanics have their hands tied with the RLA of 1929 and getting a contract can take years to work out due to big companies dragging their heels. Why does he care what FDX does, they are an airline, UPS is a trucking company with airplanes and he makes sure UPS pilots and mechanics go years without a contract. He wants everything his way and I am sure the senate will do the right thing. Davis needs to worry about his own workers instead of sticking his nose in other company's business. In closing, local2727 has sent the IBT Airline Director David Borne a letter asking him to release us from mediation setting up a "30 day cooling off" period that can lead up to a nationwide strike at UPS. The Mediator has told both parties that NO MORE sessions are be set up, so she should be able to release us from mediation per the RLA. Happy Derby weekend to all SDF employees, be safe and have fun.
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    I find it convenient that you choose only to tell the side of the story that best fits your personal agenda. The article you referenced was in response to an article which appeared in the Wall Street Journal concerning FedEx and the RLA. I have yet to read either article but the WSJ article, from what I have read here, was misleading and Mr Davis was simply trying to clarify things from UPS' point of view.
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    You side with the company, just like the people in I will see you in 2013 when your company takes 162 bucks out for your health care. In 2014 it will be 212 a month, I cant wait to hear you then big boy.
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    Its funny how Scott Davis is working so hard to Unionize FedEX with one hand, and with the other he's trying to bust the Union at UPS. Upstate you should go into management where you would thrive.
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    I fully expect to either pay for a portion of my healthcare and receive a marginal payraise or to have my wage frozen and not pay for my healthcare.

    Just because I am able to think for myself without toeing the Teamster line?

    I think you guys need a reality check.
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    UPState, your a typical bill and sabre type person, runner up is good enough for you. Why would you pay for health care when you are providing a valuable customer service commitment and UPS should be taking care of you. Sad you are will to roll over like a bill on superbowl sunday.
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    No, I prefer to think of myself as a realist and someone who is able to assess the situation and adjust accordingly.

    Healthcare will be a huge part of the negotiations leading up to 2013. Obamacare will only add to the mix. As I said, I fully expect to begin paying, in one way or another, for my healthcare. We will be at $32/hr+ by 2013--freeze the wage at the point and continue to pay for my healthcare and I will be satisifed.
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    I am not happy that I pay 5-6 thousand for my healthcare each year when I use to pay nothing 25 years ago.
    Healthcare provider office personnel tell me I have really good insurance ... I guess they know better than I do.
    I do realize that 25 years ago, paying nothing for healthcare was not the norm but was not unusual compared to other companies.
    Today, 25 years later, not paying for a portion of your own healthcare is very unusual.
    I personally do not know anyone that does not pay for a portion of their healthcare.

    One of the primary reasons that companies and insurance companies have pushed for employees to pay for healthcare, meet deductibles, co-pays, pay-as-you-go is that people think about whether the doctor visit, prescribed medicine or procedures are really needed when they are paying for part of the cost.
    A significant portion of prescribed procedures are done simply to mitigate the risk of lawsuits by patients.

    I have refused to get 2 MRIs in the last 2 years because I did not feel they were necessary. If my out-of-pocket was $0, then I probably would have got them.

    Just some thoughts on this subject.
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    To add to what Hoax is saying, our local added a $10 co-pay for doctor office visits and a $100 co-pay for ER visits, precisely for the reasons Hoax stated. The $10 won't stop anyone but the $100 might.

    I certainly don't want to pay for a portion of my healthcare but see the inevitability of doing so.
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    I thought it was excellent also. You can make up stories as to why I feel so, or maybe you should reread his article.

    He doesn't say the things you mention....

    He didn't say that no FedEx employee is a member of the union. He was pointing out that that this legislation does not ensure FedEx employees will be unionized as others think.

    He never mentioned anyone having hands tied by RLA, just that airline specific employees would remain under the RLA.

    While you go ahead and bash those of us that praise Scott taking a stance (the Teamsters have the same stance by the way), you spew incorrect facts.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Most people want to hear what others think. However, most thinking people are going to ignore you when you post incorrect information.

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    Unfortunately it will also stop some people from getting care they really need to get well.
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    You have a good point but I was talking about some of the more trivial reasons that people tend to go to the ER for. Locally after 6pm this is basically the only option. There is a part of the ER called Fast Track (a misnomer as it is not fast at all) for the more minor issues but after 6 pm these are our only 2 choices locally. For a while it seemed like I was on a first name basis at Fast Track as I had several ankle sprains at work and other mishaps working around my condo complex.
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    LOL, reminded me of a "Home Improvement" episode where Tim goes to the ER and everyone there says "Hi Tim!"

    Couldn't find the appropriate YouTube clip....
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    ...give Unabletomoveon time after his Meals on Wheels lunch and I'm sure he'll find one.
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    LOL, Fixed it!
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    We pay $25 for an emergency and $50 if its not an emergency at the ER. I beleieve that if it is truly an emergency you chould not have to pay $100 to be treated. Maybe bring this up with your local. A split tier deduction scale for emergencies and non emergencies.

    As for Davis's comments, I have to say I think he did a good job. But it means nothing unless some papers print what he had to say. We saw it because we are UPS employees, the public has not read it yet.
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    That statement from Davis appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

    The Journal had an editorial piece talking about the RLA legislation. It had wrong facts in it and made it seem like the legislation would unionize FedEx. Davis responded with this rebuttal that appeared. I did not see it, but was told that it was printed on Friday.

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    I was under the impression that the letter he wrote that we all read on was sent to the WSJ. I didnt see where it said taht it was printed in the WSJ. Has anyone seen it outside of this forum and
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    I read the letter on Tuesday. Corporate said that they had already contacted the journal and that it would print on Thursday (I think). They said the journal agreed to print the rebuttal which was twice the normal allowed length.

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    Thanks Pman