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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by pd109, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Too many people today have those scrunched up faces,that one eyebrow across the top of the head.Too much stress.kinda looks like when a baby has his first poo,that scrunchyface look.Life can be hard but I`ve learned its better to smile and deal with it than scrunch up my face and hate it.Lots of things cause the face scrunch....having a baby,for one,pain in general,but theres no need for everyone to go around scrunchy faced.Life is good,enjoy it.
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    ????? What the ....????
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    They need extra fiber in their lives. Stay away from the pills. Change diet to include alot of soluble fruit, and grains. Also stay away from breads that are processed i.e. white bread. A good whole grain type will do. Cut back intake of cheese and dairy products.

    What really will change their lives is to eat one large bran muffin for breakfast.

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    He must have just got back from the pharmacy with a full prescription of weed.
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    Teamsters must not have screwed with his pension yet.
  6. Thank you moreluck for the translation, but the basic fact is it is better to enjoy life than to spend your time being unhappy, life is too short
  7. gman, teamster don`t control our pensions(yet), and after reading the posts here I am glad they don`t
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    Thanks more and qd,I may be a bit weird,but I`m not totally crazy.I`m gonna try to add 2 pics here showing good and bad scrunchyfaces.
    BB King hitting that perfect blues note,
    and our resident Mr.grumpypants,tie Domi.
    I hope it works,I`m technologically challenged.
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    Things that give me a scrunchy face.....
    1. Bowflex deliveries
    2. warm beer
    3. cold coffee
    4. a home with too many cats
    any more....
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    Having to walk 2 miles today so I can ask some loggers to pull my piece of ^$%# P500 up a hill with thier skidder. "Is it stuck in the mud", they asked? "No", I said. It wont pull me up wet grass. Great equipment we have.
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  12. Tie Domi was traded...
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    If ours was like it was three years ago, I'd be smiling all day long. Now I'm looking at five to eight more years (sounds like a prison sentence) to be able to afford to retire. Who can afford the benefits and who can live without them?
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    The morning report....
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    Mr. Dizzie

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    When the alarm clock goes off Monday through Friday.
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    Rubber-neckers passing an accident scene on my way back to the center.

    Package cars that smell like pee.

    Cars with no power steering.

    Taking a curb at 9:37 a.m. in a jammed, non-lip-loaded car that smells like pee when the forcast calls for 104 degrees.

    The fact that MY UPS spent gadzillions of dollars to move with the speed of business and to advertise it and refuses to update equipment.
    PAS + no power steering = not very synchronized.
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    That horrible smell that comes from "not so clean houses" when they open the front door! GAG!

    I think the cockroaches try to escape when the door opens.

    I wonder if these people realize that if they lived a little cleaner, they just might not be sick all the time.
  19. rushfan

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    ahhh yes delivering to "cat people" who have about....who knows how many cats inside and outside their house.
  20. hubrat

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    Nightmares or any dreams about work.

    Handcarts that are older AND taller than me.

    Seats that don't adjust properly.

    Having to fight the equipment provided by the company.

    Being seen by customers while fighting the equipment.

    Being hard on myself when I don't make production.


    Feeling like they don't care when all I want to do is the job I am supposed to do; nothing less and sometimes even more.