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    Hello everyone. I realize that this may be in the wrong forum, and if so, let me know (and/or) change/delete the thread. Personally, I've always been a strong union supporter. Today was my orientation in the Supply Chain Solutions arm, and I thought I'd share an observation...

    Roughly half of the materials that we watched or were given were both condescending and borderline threatening to those who might want union representation. Yes, I knew going in that SCS is non-union. I just found it strange, and a little funny that they would devote so much time into hammering a non-union ideology into your head. Admittedly, I'm biased, as I previously mentioned. That said, I would have to think that anyone would see right through that. If unions are so 'bad', why do they feel the need to spend so much time and effort into driving that ideology home?

    The videos that we watched were nothing short of hilarious. All kinds of people who were "once for the union, but after we looked into it, we've changed our opinion...thank god they're so good to us, and wages are so high.' (They're not high.) Rehabilitated, indeed.
  2. Interesting observation........keep us posted. :weird:
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    In dealing with supervisors who have never held a union position, I have generally had the impression that they were told the union is a joke. They do not seem to care that their employer has a legal contract agreeing to certain terms with union employees, such as seniority. They will do what they want when they want, including play favorites when a layoff day is available, rather than use seniority.

    It sounds sorta like they received the same anti-union propaganda that you did. I have never been told that, but it has always been a strong hunch. Not all sups have acted this way, just a few younger ones hired into supervisory positions right out of college.

    I am glad to hear that you are a union supporter. I have bent more ears than I can count these last few months trying to get people, especially union members, to realize that private unions could be a lot more proactive and involved in organizing on a much larger scale. It would benefit unions, the membership, and many others throughout the country who desperately need help right now.

    If you're interested, this woman has written a few articles on the subject. I was especially impressed with 'Making Unions Matter Again'.

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe and many thanks for your support. Good luck in your new position!
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    They do the same thing at Walmart. Thankfully, Walmart has remained Union-free and because of this after only 15 years of work as a cashier you can retire after making well into 6 figures per year to a private island in the Carribean that Sam bought just for that purpose.