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    too funny
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    As long as porn is the #1 use for the internet and as long as computers are used in the office....
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    there is some interesting events taking place here.

    Obama trying to pass his so called financial reform bill

    suddenly the SEC releases information about an investigation into goldman sachs.

    Now someone releases information on how the SEC has been spending their day surfing porn sites.
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    Well go ahead. Defend Wall Street against the attacks if you can. rod, pass the popcorn, please.
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    I will...Just because you can't understand something, doesn't mean it should be banned. So far, in my opinion, the SEC hasn't shown an inch of FRAUD against Goldman. They must be holding the smoking gun behind the porn files.
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    They are holding the"smoking gun" alright....Giggity:
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    So Goldman did nothing wrong? Selling securities as AAA rated that they knew were crap? Kinda sounds like FRAUD. But then again, I thought they had a slam dunk against Blago and then it starts to sound like that's just how politics is done in this country.
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    Blago...Obama...Chicago political machine...govt coverups and corruption...nothing new.
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    Reagan, Oliver North, Bush, Cheney, Karl Rove. Yep, the hits just keep on coming from all sides.
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    Did Goldman rate them? All they did is find a buyer. I believe they even stated that someone was on the other side shorting them. Where is the FRAUD in that? They didn't sell it to the average Joe. The buyer should have, and I believe knew the risk. The transaction was cleaner than any obamapolitcs. This is, of course, unless the SEC is holding back.
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    Raegan the democrat, or Reagan the republican?