Seniority Is Meaningless Now

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Imchar1, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Imchar1

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    22.4 people who are just hired off the street will get all extra work. No seniority psuedo full timers will get first crack at all work inside or outside full time or part time work. (except RCPD). Full time air drivers part time air drivers with years of seniority will lose out to 22.4.

    I remember when seniority was the holy grail.

    Union leadership should burn for this.
  2. livin the dream

    livin the dream Active Member

    very curious how this unfolds with the 22.4s.
  3. Heffalump

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    We're going to make them eat this 22.4 plate and lick it clean IF it passes. One contract at a time.
  4. browndevil

    browndevil Well-Known Member

    How did your supplement address this?
  5. Grey

    Grey Active Member

    Is there really a chance this thing passes?
  6. DOK

    DOK Well-Known Member

    I haven’t talk to anyone who’s voting yes but I have feeling the fix is in....
  7. JustDeliverIt

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    No one wants to drive in our building that isn't already a PTCD and we are short drivers. Just brought in a group of off the street hires that went thru intergrad. I think one is going to stick around. They can put this language in but I don't think they're going to have bodies to fill the spots.
  8. Just A UPS Guy

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    I'd bet it passes, and I truly doubt that any fix will be needed. There are quite a few people who actually like the contract because they're getting theirs, apathy at it's best. The PT workforce has dug itself so deep over the years that they will now pit themselves against each other; new kids want that $3 raise, mid-timers are hot over wage compression, old-timers couldn't give a :censored2: about either of them. Many drivers' concerns will be covered with supplements, many more will vote in favor of $40/hr and knowing they will NEVER have to work a weekend. There is a very small group that really understand what the union was and should be, solidarity is a thing of the past. The vocal few here on BC aren't in any fashion representative of us as a whole. There really is only a small fraction of the BU that is taking the hose, I'd bet the other majority watches them as they drift away down the river.

    But, it would be cool if I'm wrong.
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  9. Dr.Brownz

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    Yep there will be no more retirement routes. All the shags will be put on a truck for a new guy to go deliver
  10. specter208

    specter208 Active Member

    I think the solution is actually for all union employees to follow methods absolutely to a T. Overtime is saved.