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  1. Is it worse for my manager if I blow off the SFA or if I take it and hammer her. I know Memphis really could care less what we say on the SFA but I was always under the impression that managers are way worse off if employees in their group don't take it instead of taking it and hammering them. I have blown it off the last couple years and wondering if I should take it this year. I want to do whatever is going to bury my mgr more with the senior mgr. Any input would be appreciated Dr.
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    LOL. Have fun...HAMMER HER.


    I always heard the don't take it stance is worse, but then if you really want to get rid of them, give them a terrible hammering, then next year max it out and usually they get moved to some other "trouble spot".
  4. I never take it. Stopped taking SFA in third year with company. She knows I don't like her and still begs me usually for about 2 weeks to take it which leads me to believe it's more detrimental to her if I don't take it then if I do and hammer her. Wanted the good Dr. to chime in on this for further clarification.
  5. Not the managers at my station. I don't want to get too specific but my station is where they send managers to die. Let's just say a couple of them had inappropriate relations with underlings at their previous locale.
  6. Just for clarification when I say die. I mean this is their last stop. They are not going anywhere else other than the unemployment line or retiring.
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    I'm here 11 years and didn't realize you had the option NOT to take it.
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    I've never had anyone refuse to take it, yet. Other mangers I've worked with have, but it was expected since they hadn't taken it for a few years in most cases.
    Here is my disclaimer: If your whole intention is to get some kind of revenge against your manager, you will be sorely disappointed. It's pretty obvious when 1 or 2 people just go down the right side and answer everything "Strongly Disagree". Now if your manager is really that bad and it's not just a personal vendetta, that's a whole other story, and it will reflect that with everyone's answers.

    Question: It's pretty obvious here that everyone feels it's ok to get personal on the SFA about mgrs, but that it's not ok for a mgr to have some kind of grudge with an hourly? I don't think either is appropriate, but from the responses on here, that is how it appears.....seems a little hypocritical.

    IMO the SFA has lost all meaning that it use to have b/c of a couple reasons: Hourlies use it as a way to "get back" at their manager. Managers don't do anything with the information they do get from it, assuming is was semi-constructive. Many hourlies think that it isn't really anonymous. I can tell you for a fact that, at least at the station and district level, we have no idea what your answers were. I'm willing to bet somebody in Memphis can, but that is not the kind of information that trickles down b/c they know it would most likely result in retaliation by some.

    So, I guess the answer to your question is: Unless a significant portion of your workgroup/station, say 25+%, refuse to take it.....I don't think it will matter. I would take it if I were you, and just answer honestly....if your manager is that bad, score them that way, just don't make it about one day or one issue. If you just don't answer, your manager will not know what the issues are....if they don't know what the problems are, how can they address them? Assuming they give a crap and actually want to.
    My thinking is that your manager could easily say to their Sr/Director, "I don't know what the issues are b/c they won't take the SFA, so how can I be held responsible to fix a problem if I don't know what it is?" In reality, they may very well know what the problem is.....but where's the proof?


    Ok fedex2k, what are your feelings on a workgroup that gets a new manager right at SFA time? This happens very often at my station and it seems unfair to judge someone's abilities when you have only worked with them for a few weeks, or in some cases, a few days.

    How should that be handled?
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    I've been told that the SFA was originally designed as a means of testing how willing FedEx employees were to go union, an "early warning system" if you will. I don't really know what it's intended to measure now, but I agree with FedEx2000 that it's worthless, except in the instance of an incredibly bad manager, who might be ferreted out and transferred or terminated. Managers who get low scores get sent to remedial training, but the ones I've seen take the course don't really change long-term.

    It's obvious that FedEx ignores many of the categories, especially the pay and loyalty portions. I think my station had a 4% favorable rating for pay, and around 30% for the retention question, which probably isn't that different from the rest of the company.

    I'm actually fair on the SFA, and if I have a decent manager, they get a good score. My scores for the corporation always go straight down the right side, because that's the real source of problems. Low level managment in stations play the cards they're dealt, which come from MEM, and they always get a crappy hand.
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    I agree, and I have been that manager twice...only been at the station a couple of months before SFA. I tell my employees to answer it based on how they feel so far, or based on the previous manager, that way I know what the issues within the workgroup have been in the past before I got there. I kind of leave it up to them. Maybe I already addressed some of the previous issues, or maybe there are some things they would already like me to work on. If something comes up a few months later it can always be addressed during follow-up SFA meetings. If a relatively new mgr gets a very bad or very good SFA, I don't put much stock in for the very reasons you suggest....how can you know after such a short time? It's never been an issue for me with my SR.
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    Don't be surprised is your SFA goes the way of our ERI. It used to be that everyone at UPS took the ERI but not it is only given to a random sampling of employees. I guess they were not getting the feedback that they were hoping to get for the money being spent.
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    I think FedEx still believes in it because there were numerous re-takes of the SFA last year, and also a separate Management Survey. Statistically, a random sampling would probably be valid, and also cheaper. Most FedEx employees I know see it as a waste of time because management only talks about the issues and doesn't address them. Lots of "feel good" talk=No Action.
  14. You have never had an employee refuse to take it? You're station must be full of candy asses who are terrified of mgmt. At my station SFA is the favorite time of year. About 40% of us refuse to take it and we love watching the managers chase us everyday in the morning and when we get off the road in the afternoon begging us to take it. We just laugh,refuse and walk away.
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    Maybe FedEx2000 can confirm or deny this for his district, but in my district the managers were getting written-up if everyone didn't take the SFA. They also chased everyone who didn't want to take it, and would frog-march each and every employee to their office to take it individually. This had many people thinking that management "knew" exactly who had given them either high or low scores. In every case like this, the manager stayed in the office while the employee took the SFA. Total BS. They also have "information" sessions where employees are coached on what questions pertain to who and why. More BS. You'd have to be a total moron to not understand it, so this is just plain wrong. Oh, and there's always a Costco BBQ or some other event immediately preceeding the SFA so you'll be reminded how much management "cares".

    To me, these are intimidation tactics that artificially inflated scores. The SFA is supposed to be anonymous, and taken by the employee at a convenient time of their choosing....not by appointment with your manager looking over your shoulder.
  16. I have to believe there is no doubt that it is worse for someone not to take it then to take it and hammer their mgr. For me personally I can't stand my mgr and she knows it. She knows that on the off chance I do take it which would never happen that I'm burying her. And yet every year she still begs me. As far as mangers in you're station staying in the office when SFA is being taken. That is BS. Not supposed to be done. I don't think they have any access to the scores once people take them. As long as the employee X's out of all the screens when done.
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    Read some of my posts from last year about how IMO they faked the numbers that were reported to us. Every year, no matter what, they always say something like "our overall score improved' or highlight several areas that weren't horrible and then omit the rest of the results.

    I can just see it in MT3's office when they see the scores for upper management....utter shame, especially after their information campaign last year that "explained" to us why they do the same stupid crap over and over again. Then they have to figure out how to spin-it so they don't look like complete morons. Good effing luck on that.
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    The SFA scores never seem to change anything. Every year we get a scrawny half an hours worth a time to discuss the results and our manager hogs all the time to himself and the theme is always "poor me" and he won't reveal his overall score. Like MrFedEx said they always manage to highlight the few good areas and many problems are never discussed let alone solved and there's never any follow up meetings. This same manager allegedly got some pretty low scores a few years in a row and instead of him making an effort to impove the Sr. manager just changed his work group. His new work group doesn't like him either. Can't wait to see this years results but nothing's gonna change.
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    Is it possible couriers don't know they have an option? I think you jump the gun calling people candy asses. While I won't refuse to take it, I will score it the way I see fit....be it good or bad.
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    100% correct IMHO