Should I leave Fedex HD for UPS pls read OP

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    I currently work for a good contractor bringing in over $700 take home pay for 6 days of work and I’m always home by 4:00. Which is great because I’m in school

    With that said I have an opportunity to go to UPS but the long hours are what worry me and getting use to a whole new job
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  3. Do you have pension, health insurance, paid holidays and vacations?
    Do you make 80k+ a year?

    Everything has it's advantages.
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    He does offer health insurance but I don’t use it and I don’t get paid holidays or vacation but I do get a week vacation

    My biggest worry is the long hours and getting paid good money from the start if I decide to go with UPS if they go through with me
  5. $20.50 an hour is the starting wage for a 22.4 driver. Yes you will definitely work longer hours but you will also get paid overtime after 8 hours
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    If you intend to finish school and go into another line of work, stay where you are.

    If you want to stay in this line of work and make good money with good benefits, go to UPS. "Good contractor" aside, you are leaving a mind numbing amount of money on the table if you stay with him instead of going to UPS.
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    Thanks for the feedback

    The thought of working 10 to 12 hours when it’s not even peak season is what’s making me hesitant but the OT pay would be nice as well as paid vacation and holidays .
  8. You got to think about the future

    Like @59 Dano said of you are going to stay in the delivery business at least make some money.

    And at the worst if you get fired FedEx would hire you back.:raspberry-tounge:
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    If you just started school I would say to go for a part-time air driver position. Starts at $15.00/hr and by year 3 it's 21.00/hr. There will be plenty of time for school after work and you'll have paid healthcare that either rivals or is better than you parents'. Plus, it's totally up to you if you want to work extra hours during peak season.
  10. Do you start as a driver at most locations? The station here puts new employees into a lower pay handler position until someone leaves a route. I was wondering if that was the norm.
  11. It just depends. Every place is different depending on what they need.
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