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  1. What’s goin on folks!

    First off, I wasn’t sure where to post this so I posted it here. Didn’t want to clog up a more serious discussion room.

    So I have an idea for an episode that I want to run by you that may or may not work. Either way, it'll take your contributions for it to be a success.
    If you have listened to enough episodes, you will know that I’m constantly saying this podcast is about “informing, educating, and encouraging” fellow Teamsters, especially newer ones so I want to try something new & different for the “encouraging” part of it.

    I do the podcast through a create-a-podcast app called Anchor. Well, Anchor has this feature where you can “SEND A VOICE MESSAGE" for the host. I’ve never used it but would like to try it. A link is at the bottom. If we're not allowed to post links, my bad.

    Here’s my thoughts:
    When I first became a steward, first thing my BA told me was that it’s a “thankless job" and while I’m positive none of us took this role for accolades, let’s admit that it feels good when we get them, especially when its heartfelt.

    To leave a message to shout out your shop steward.

    Too corny? It gets cornier.

    If you’re up to it, you can say their name and/or center & shift. You can also Include your location, if comfortable, and I encourage you to rep your local & state.

    Don’t be shy to say why you appreciate them but also try to keep it short & sweet. I’m not sure if the voice message has a time limit.

    I’ll play them on an upcoming show and if I get enough, maybe I’ll dedicate a whole show for it.

    Maybe this’ll work, maybe it won’t but I won’t know unless I try.

    Please no trolls, catfishing, or negativity. If I suspect there is any of that going on, I’ll just pass.

    Let’s see how this goes…

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  2. Too corny
    As @KingofFluff would say

    Settle your ass down
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    What's a steward in this Context?
    i known Package handler, clerk, sorter, Teamleader, supervisor for Re and Preload. driver, Leaddriver, Band supervisor for F3. Bandmechanic, Carmechanic and Master car mechanic in the Workshop and over all Centermanager.
    Clerks are kinda jack of all trade, makes counter, exeptions, smallsort, some are more trained in specific works then other but their are interchangable. And we have also two Council members.
    But what is a steward in this?
  4. A steward is your representative of you get into trouble at work or if your union rights was violated.
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    ah i see "union" is the same as "Council" i get it.
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    Someone needs to shout out to me !
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  7. Yeah, it was a #FAIL. Not my first corny idea that flopped nor will it be my last. I'll figure something out. Back to the drawing board...